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T. Braddox
Review from T. Braddox
Red Velvet 104 events 31 reviews


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Winifred Reed
Review from Winifred Reed
Red Velvet 36 events 20 reviews

This production was totally riveting. The second act is so intense I found myself on the edge of my seat. The lead actress some may remember from the e TV show the arrangement is brilliant. I recommend go see, no kids.

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Review from Joe
123 events 57 reviews

we loved the show acting was intence and keep you on the edge of your seat .
the thearter seating was disappointing very small seats and they sat us all together which made it even more uncomfortable even though the theater was half empty.

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Review from Doreen
49 events 24 reviews

I felt bad for the actors because they were trying to offer the script depth. The writing and scoring was not good. I mean... it was not a solid professional production. Would not recommend.

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Review from sharrislrcons
61 events 7 reviews

Great show

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Review from yossispiegel
18 events 7 reviews

The play deals with a "me too" situation which was discussed a lot especially in the past few years. In that respect it is not very novel nor has anything new to offer. But the play is interesting and so are the characters and so we had a very...continued

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Louise Falcone
Review from Louise Falcone
11 events 6 reviews

All the actors did a great job and the story line was true to life.

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Steven Lavorgna
Review from Steven Lavorgna
4 events 4 reviews

Great acting! Took a while to get off the ground. Started to come together near the end, but I was a bit disappointed in the final ending. Set changes were a bit noisy. Overall, I enjoyed the show, and others will, too.

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Review from ROXANA Badiu
11 events 3 reviews

Wonderful play ! Outstanding performance from all actors !!

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Review from Lalaine
10 events 2 reviews

Great acting

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Leslie Schneider
Review from Leslie Schneider
7 events 2 reviews

The play is current in the #metoo movement but also upsetting as the bad guys get away with the violation/crime and protect each other, reality based!

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Jamie Abbi-Handler
Review from Jamie Abbi-Handler
11 events 1 review

*This review is for the play. Goldstar and NWS were great as usual.* MsTRIAL might be the worst play I’ve ever seen. With little information beyond a short blurb about the premise and themes of the play, I attended with my wife, sister,...continued

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Scott Finkelstein
Review from Scott Finkelstein
26 events 1 review

A very well acted and written play. Two hours of well crafted theater.

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Review from Lc
12 events 1 review

My husband and I went into this show with zero expectations this time, because we have been quite disappointed lately with a few a of our Goldstar performances. BUT, surprisingly this time, we really enjoyed this show this time! The cast was...continued

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Joyce Lau
Review from Joyce Lau
7 events 1 review

Pretty good acting but the storyline left a lot to be desired

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Brian Berliner
Review from Brian Berliner
3 events 1 review

The acting was very good!!

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