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Alison Siegel
Review from Alison Siegel
97 events 5 reviews

Great show!!! Perfect setlist. Was a fun night .

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Sheri Warren Sankner
Review from Sheri Warren Sankner
45 events 5 reviews

John Waite was amazing! This is my favorite venue to see a show!

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Stephen Mennella
Review from Stephen Mennella
14 events 5 reviews

This show was the second night of the newly opened venue above City Winery, and it's in a nice space roughly half the size. The room is attractive, sound is good. All in all, they need some more time to finish up the hallway behind stage in the...continued

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Phil Nasser
Review from Phil Nasser
30 events 5 reviews

Very good view from bar stools. We were very satisfied with service and food quality. Waiter was prompt, friendly and accurate with orders. Hamburger platter was excellent. Thick steakhouse quality patty cooked properly to our specs. Fries...continued

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Anne Lawrence
Review from Anne Lawrence
15 events 4 reviews

As a single diner, I am often overlooked at City Winery. Once again, the server apologized for ignoring me...& had the courtesy to comp me. Entertainment value is great. Service remains so-so. I'll return for the good shows, and be sure to eat...continued

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Review from Renata
29 events 4 reviews

Christopher Cross was great! The place and the food did not disappoint either!

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marshall kitchell
Review from marshall kitchell
14 events 4 reviews

Great show
Great venue - hope wherevthey move to is as good as this place

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Review from DaFunkt
32 events 4 reviews

Had fun. Seats were good too for the price. Had direct view/center

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Review from Slipton
11 events 4 reviews

I have been to City Winery many times before but this was the first time through Goldstar. The bar seat I was given had a view of the stage blocked by a pole. Fortunately, the two stools next to me were empty and I moved over and could see better....continued

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Review from TheyCameToBoston
7 events 4 reviews

I love this location. Staff is always friendly and helpful and the menu is broad enough for a full meal of a snack.
It’s always wonderful to see Poi Dog Pondering but tonight’s show was not transcendent, merely wonderful. I did learn that the...continued

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Karen K
Review from Karen K
22 events 4 reviews

I love this place! Great music in a uniquely wonderful and intimate setting. Food and drink menu had something for everyone and reasonably priced too. In a city filled with infinite entertainment options, this one is a don't-miss standout!

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marshall kitchell
Review from marshall kitchell
14 events 4 reviews

Nice evening of music

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Review from Ellen
16 events 4 reviews

Outstanding show! No Guinness for the Irish Rock Revue is just wrong though.

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Anne Lawrence
Review from Anne Lawrence
15 events 4 reviews

The music was wonderful. City Winery has a way to go with customer service.
I arrived 20min before showtime. Once seated, no waitress came until after the show started, so I ordered a drink at the bar. The waitress for my section came about...continued

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Anne Lawrence
Review from Anne Lawrence
15 events 4 reviews

The performance was excellent. Because I purchased on Goldstar, I could not choose my seat & had to take my chance at the venue. The bar stool seating they gave me placed me at the intersection of foot traffic of food being delivered from the...continued

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Review from gcheung6
14 events 4 reviews

Third time seeing Carbon Leaf. It was a very nice, relaxing setting at City Winery. Great chatting with the band members afterwards.

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Lisa Lifeisgreat
Review from Lisa Lifeisgreat
8 events 3 reviews

1 st time and the music the vibe and the service was simply amazing def a do again

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Review from DonDAdler
23 events 3 reviews

almost 82 and going strong, Ian's latest album is full of solid songs and his live performances always highlighted by the stories accompanying his songs- LLIT

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Review from JainEvent
5 events 3 reviews

City Winery is a diamond in the rough and Marc Broussard is a true artist. It was a lovely evening.

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Kevin Keane
Review from Kevin Keane
119 events 3 reviews

Good seat and a great show!

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