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Review from garyglen
16 events 3 reviews

I love City Winery, and the seating we had was fine. However, the band that passed for the Association seemed like an average bar band, and the sound mixing was poor, at best.

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Kevin Keane
Review from Kevin Keane
119 events 3 reviews
Julie Chilton
Review from Julie Chilton
6 events 3 reviews

Nice venue, but pricey. Music was decent.

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Review from Lorraine
11 events 3 reviews

Seating arrangements, atmosphere and musical performers all terrific!!!

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Kevin Keane
Review from Kevin Keane
119 events 3 reviews

Somber music

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Lisa Mag
Review from Lisa Mag
8 events 3 reviews

The show was excellent and love the venue for a show - great experience all around :)

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Review from Ted
5 events 3 reviews

Venue is nice, however the seats we had were not good. The bar seats we were in were blocked by a pole. These should not be seats for sale.

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S. Gol
Review from S. Gol
48 events 3 reviews

Very very nice

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Review from Anna
7 events 3 reviews

What a great way to finish your weekend! The food was delicious. Our waitress was very nice. The whole atmosphere was great. Will definitely come there again

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Dorene Richman
Review from Dorene Richman
2 events 2 reviews

Although my husband and I opted for bar seating, the host was happy to let us choose a great table both for enjoying the excellent food and having a good view of the stage for the outstanding music. We also found a wonderful bottle of wine to...continued

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Review from Parkerbros
5 events 2 reviews

Amazing venue and show. Would buy again!!

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Emma Gidley
Review from Emma Gidley
1 event 2 reviews

Awesome idea for a venue. Very intimate and no hassle when it comes to ordering food or drink while taking in the show. Would definitely attend a show here again!

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George Demitroulis
Review from George Demitroulis
3 events 2 reviews

Because Booker T Jones was terrific. But on the negative side, the bar stool seats were an obstructed view and the table for "four" which was right next to us became a table for seven. The group obviously knew people working at the venue and this...continued

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Review from Brooke
4 events 2 reviews

Didn’t get the best seats. Had a pole in the way. Music was okay.

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Review from MsPammieBooBoo
2 events 2 reviews

Dwele was the best!

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Priya Iyer
Review from Priya Iyer
5 events 2 reviews

Fantastic music, fantastic wine.
Food was alright, but gelato was amazing.
Service wasn't great.

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Patrick Duhon
Review from Patrick Duhon
10 events 2 reviews

Great show...great venue. And the food was a step above what I was expecting.

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Review from JonL
11 events 2 reviews

Great show at a very nice venue.

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Barbara Silverstein
Review from Barbara Silverstein
9 events 2 reviews

I just discovered City Winery. It’s a great venue for a show. Dennis Quaid is a really nice guy and gave the audience a great performance. He even shook hands with all of the people who came up to the stage after he finished singing. I have tix...continued

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Review from dkny1202
8 events 2 reviews

I've seen Colin Hay several times before, so I just wanted to be in the room... But It was completely obstructed view!! He sounded amazing singing, but The voice was muffled when speaking, and he does a lot of physical
Things as he tells...continued

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