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Anita Zander
Review from Anita Zander
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Great show! Very interesting menu and we loved everything we ordered.

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Review from Jason
4 events 1 review

Great talent and voice along with backup singers and special guests.
The service was slow as the staff was shorthanded. They were still helpful with a positive outlook.
Recommend management not attend conferences and support their staff when needed.

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Stephen Guirgis
Review from Stephen Guirgis
2 events 1 review
Jen Jones
Review from Jen Jones
1 event 1 review

had an awesome time, loved Southern Avenue!!!

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Review from Andrean
1 event 1 review

I loved the environment. The food, wine and music was great. Look forward to going here again.

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Review from Isanberg
2 events 1 review

It was a fun show, great venue and the food and wine there are excellent. Donna The Buffalo play quite well.

My only critique was that the view from the barstools was kind of obstructed, with a beam from the ceiling blocking the stage from some...continued

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Salvatore Wojcik
Review from Salvatore Wojcik
2 events 1 review

James Hunter Six performed a great soulful show. Great venue, great sound. The only problem was that we were seated at a small table which was great until a patron came in and claimed that the seats were usually hers. As soon as the show...continued

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Edward Walters
Review from Edward Walters
18 events 1 review

Justin Hayward's voice hasn't changed, his acoustic guitar playing was commanding and the stage presence with charming anecdotes was winning. Was in another world hearing Lovely to See You, Watching and Waiting and especially You Can Never Go...continued

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Deborah Navins
Review from Deborah Navins
1 event 1 review

music is great, service is not great

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Genevieve Brinkman
Review from Genevieve Brinkman
5 events 1 review

Music was great, venue was great!

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My Events
Review from My Events
8 events 1 review

Nice venue, easy access by subway. The performance was enjoyable, and the food was good.

The one drawback was for the volume of attendees, it was vastly under staff; and the tables was much too close for comfort. I was surprised since I believe...continued

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Gary Krantz
Review from Gary Krantz
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Not City Winery's fault. You guys are always the best. A friend recommended Poi Dog Pondering. I know they have a strong fan following Not my cup of tie. Amazing pretentious band.

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Review from Jewel65
6 events 1 review

On Monday February 20th I went to see Geoff Tate of Queensryche. I was not sure what to expect, but the event exceeded my expectations. Geoff Tate's voice was spot on, and his band was amazing. He played a solid 2 hours. The City Winery staff...continued

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Review from stranges
2 events 1 review

Paul Thorn had a great connection with the audience and his songs were original and well done. 'here's a song about that' !

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Karen Sutera
Review from Karen Sutera
12 events 1 review

Purchased a bar stool and scored a comp (barstool)
Loved the venue - after looking it up I noticed for an additional fee this show was having an intimate pre-show M/G experience. We arrived early and had a carafe of wine in the barrel room....continued

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Review from Lisa
10 events 1 review

Service and food were good. Amanda Shires was excellent!

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Review from Michael
8 events 1 review

Show was great service was abominable. Forget order 2 hours to get some bread

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Francine Winiker
Review from Francine Winiker
7 events 1 review

Staff was very accomodating. Show had much more production value than I expected. Band was great! Couldn't help thinking Bowie lived a few blocks away.

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Review from Rosemarie
2 events 1 review

That was my second time at the City Winery. I first Bobby Womack before passing. I enjoyed it plus I met people who follow Bobby Womack from Europe.
I crossed the street yesterday with one of the members from Black IVORY!
I knew, I knew him...continued

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Theresa Clark
Review from Theresa Clark
2 events 1 review

The atmosphere was great! Howard was amazing! I plan to visit here again, and have mentioned this location to many of my friends. I had duck tacos before the show; the presentation was excellent, too much beef broth, didn’t really taste the duck...continued

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