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John M Boles
Review from John M Boles
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The best I’ve ever seen Bettye

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David Orbach
Review from David Orbach
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The City Winery is my favorite music venue in New York City. There is a view of the stage from all seats. The environment is really beautiful and except for the subway running underneathe the building, the sound system is perfect. If you're a wine...continued

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Debra Lasowitz
Review from Debra Lasowitz
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The concert itself was fantastic. The problem was that it was standing room only, despite the fact that when buying the ticket, it said "barstool seating"! An email was sent the morning of the show, but at that point it was a little late! I also...continued

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Christine Davison
Review from Christine Davison
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The concert and the venue, as always, was incredible.

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Review from Tostones
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The discount seats at City Winery are in the bar area where the sight lines aren't great. But that's the nature of the beast. At least you are not crammed into a table like sometimes is the case at this venue. It was worth the $25 to see somebody...continued

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Review from Tracey
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The place was beautiful and Peter yarrow was amazing. What a fun night!

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Review from Dotty
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The show was fantastic (Well Strung is an amazingly talented group and fun!). Food and drinks were very good.
BUT, the bar stool seating was not good. They tried to seat us behind a pole, we complained, then they tried to seat us way over on the...continued

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Luisa guerrero
Review from Luisa guerrero
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The show was amazing! I'm so glad I was able to make it to this empowering movement. The venue is beautiful and very spacious. My waiter was great and made sure I was well taken care of at all times, which at times is hard to find. I highly...continued

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Review from Ali
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This experience was simply amazing. I am now a fan of Sara Tavares and Carminho, and City Winery. Thank you!

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Diane Krupin
Review from Diane Krupin
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This was our first visit to City Winery and our experience was fair. We purchased tickets on Goldstar for a jazz show, which cost $27.50 for 2 tickets. The show was nice, but not sure it was worth the cost. This goes for the brunch as well! The...continued

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Richard Strong
Review from Richard Strong
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Very nice venue, good stage, excellent sound system, and the performance was absolutely superb. The food is excellent, although the place was rather severely understaffed on this day and it took a while to be served. Seating is pretty tight, but...continued

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Patrick Boland
Review from Patrick Boland
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We got to the event at 6
When they found out we purchased the tickets through goldstar
They set up a plastic table and chairs bordering the wall against where the band was
It was terrible
We were the only ones that had a table like this and could...continued

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Michael Graetzer
Review from Michael Graetzer
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what a heavenly experience. She captures the vibe of the 1970s, full of heartfelt songs and a voice that continues to be a strong belt of life with a gentle high that touches the soul.

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Barbara Dent
Review from Barbara Dent
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While the concert was very good, I was very disappointed in the bar stool seats we were given which provided zero sight of the middle of the stage. We arrived early -- first come, first seated?? There were plenty of bar seats all around but the...continued

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