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Janice Flanagan
Review from Janice Flanagan
7 events 3 reviews

Lefty, smokestack, rocky and zeek were in great form last night... full of energy and fun!

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Review from roberta1
8 events 3 reviews

Music was incredible and venue was all you could ask for - better than any jazz club in the city. I hope Popa and Eliza appear again soon in Manhattan. Thanks to Goldstar!

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Review from Tennessee
32 events 3 reviews

Popa gave a long show 2 1/2 hours of energy. Always a treat.

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Michael Harrold
Review from Michael Harrold
13 events 2 reviews

City Winery was short -staffed so the waitress took forever to get drinks to tables.I went to the bar to purchase and the 2 bartenders were also overwhelmed and slow.

Show was ok ( I have seen many burlesque shows). Should have had more acts -...continued

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James Brugaletta
Review from James Brugaletta
4 events 2 reviews

Great Show Thank You So Much

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Suzana Cesarek
Review from Suzana Cesarek
5 events 1 review

Anita Wilson has a great voice and a beautiful soul!

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Review from Phil
22 events 1 review

Blac Rabbit was terrific. The audience, which spanned from young to seniors, was rocking and singing along to their Beatles tunes. The Loft was a nice venue to hear them at.

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Jack Hirschorn
Review from Jack Hirschorn
4 events 1 review

David is a dynamic, entertaining and thoughtful performer. I would see him again.

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Aaron Cohen
Review from Aaron Cohen
2 events 1 review

Great Led Zeppelin cover band. Atmosphere was nice and quaint, and the wine and food menu was superb!

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james geppert
Review from james geppert
39 events 1 review

Great music!

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Khaya Leary
Review from Khaya Leary
3 events 1 review

I absolutely love the space and the vibe at City Winery. The wine was delicious and the bites were good as well. This was a perfect place for Louis York to end their tour!

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Jennie Hornbaker
Review from Jennie Hornbaker
14 events 1 review

It was a good yoga class as far as basic yoga classes are concerned. The wine was a nice treat! Although I would have liked a larger tasting! :)

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Francesca Villano
Review from Francesca Villano
1 event 1 review

It was a great show. We saw the Weeklings 3 x’s and the band gets better and better.

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Isaias Lieberbaum
Review from Isaias Lieberbaum
5 events 1 review

nice place, good service, good prices and a great show, love it!

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Gladys Frankel
Review from Gladys Frankel
1 event 1 review

No seats, no service music was ok.

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Review from Robin
2 events 1 review

The Loft is an intimate venue. The house wine on tap was fantastic. Michelle was awesome, interacted with the audience and the new album rocks!

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Review from wishuwerhere
20 events 1 review

The waiter never came to our table . We went to bar to get our drinks.. after an hour we grabbed him & were able to order a beer, but we never ordered any food.

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Mike DiBartolomeo
Review from Mike DiBartolomeo
28 events 1 review

The Weeklings were fantastic!!!

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