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Review from Anna
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I found the show a little gimmicky, but also funny and touching and enjoyable. If I had the time and money, it might be fun to see it a few times with different guest performers. I read a piece in the New York Times after Tracy Letts did the show,...continued

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Zahra Jamshed
Review from Zahra Jamshed
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An interesting effort. I had a completely different perspective in mind.

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Ronni Funk Siegel
Review from Ronni Funk Siegel
31 events 9 reviews

Very unique production. Enjoyable, heartwarming and thought-provoking. Hard to describe but worth seeing, especially at Goldstar’s discount prices

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Jim Eigo
Review from Jim Eigo
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Before I saw “Nassim,” Iranian-born Nassim Soleimanpour’s latest effort at play-as-international-goodwill-ambassador, I worried that the script, played cold by a different actor every night though the playwright is on the premises, might be too...continued

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Dom Agostino
Review from Dom Agostino
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The concept had great potential as outside of the box theater. Not sure if I went on an off night.

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Review from Mle642
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Beautiful and poignant play. To say more is to say too much. We loved it.

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Review from Jcnurserep
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Delightful and thought provoking. Thoroughly enjoyed the performance of David Cromer. Nassim is a brilliant play writer.

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Marianna Mostovaia
Review from Marianna Mostovaia
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Oh how funny and original! WoW! I thoroughly enjoyed this performance

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Review from malka
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I was very disappointed by the play.
The first hour left me bored.
I didn't find this a "play" and I didn't know how to describe it.

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Joan Essex
Review from Joan Essex
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Very original and lots of fun!

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Jill W
Review from Jill W
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Am amazing show!!

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Greg Solomon
Review from Greg Solomon
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Essential theater. Nights like this are why I live in NYC

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Blaine Hammer
Review from Blaine Hammer
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Interesting and clever!

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Deborah Dietzler
Review from Deborah Dietzler
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The guest actor was Sanjit De Silva and not Alysia Reiner -- I had been looking forward to seeing her since I enjoyed her in Orange is the New Black. Sanjit did a GREAT job, however!!!
Nassim's play is based on an interesting concept and it is...continued

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Jerome Zeiler
Review from Jerome Zeiler
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The show was amazing. It was creative, funny, touching and totally entertaining. My husband and I were awed by the show.

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MaryEllen Salerno
Review from MaryEllen Salerno
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This was a very moving experience. It’s amazing how bravely Susan Bennett navigated the hour and brought joy to the audience. NASSIM is a treasure himself. His mum should be so proud!

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Review from rsw
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This was not a play -- it was an almost interactive get together that I found very self serving to the writer. It's entertaining to see how the "actor" reacts to the commands. The audience learns a few words in Farsi, but learns nothing more. What...continued

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Eilin O'Dea
Review from Eilin O'Dea
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Unbelievably poor! Had nothing to do with theatre no matter the definition.. Was neither experimental nor immersive. The Iranian playwright tried to teach us a few words in his own language, showed us pictures of his family home and called his Mum...continued

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Hilda Abla
Review from Hilda Abla
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Very creative and original with a lot of emotions ! A must see

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