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Theresa Hart Bowman
Review from Theresa Hart Bowman
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Chandra Campbell
Review from Chandra Campbell
6 events 2 reviews

Honestly, I’m really disappointed in the Comedian who didn’t have sense enough once he realized their were children in the audience, to change his performance out of respect. A true Comedian should have a catalog of work ready to go based on his...continued

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Chandra Campbell
Review from Chandra Campbell
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In terms of “assigned seating “ we witnessed a woman literally arguing with management about her seats and management May have allowed her to switch to accommodate her demands. People are moved around, yet we were specifically told “sorry, all the...continued

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Review from Veronica
3 events 2 reviews

It was funny and nice experience

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Review from Kathya
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Paid extra for better seats and felt that we got subpar seating. was put on the side of the front facing seats, Hard to see due to poor vision lines, and partially blocked by the other seats. Was ok for an experience, put will think twice before i...continued

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Review from Liesel
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The quality of the performers was great, but there was way too much time spent on breaks (a 10 minute break after 2 performers). They managed to stretch out 5 performers into 2 hours doing this - a waste of time!

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Review from Simon
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We enjoyed the performers and listening to the judges comments. It was a lot of fun and made an enjoyable night out. We thought letting the audience participate in the voting was ridiculous. We saw large groups of family/friend members circling...continued

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Elizabeth Pendleton
Review from Elizabeth Pendleton
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Fun, intimate, local NYC talent show. The winner gets a 6-week run on Broadway. We saw a semi-final round with five performers ranging from pretty good to I-can't-wait-to-buy-the-album amazing. Lots of laughs and some audience participation. I...continued

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Brian Dunnett
Review from Brian Dunnett
5 events 1 review

Great concept, great performers and great venue

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najwa kale
Review from najwa kale
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Great show and great venue!!! Loved it!!! Thank you goldstar.❤️????

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Review from Tricks
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I felt like I had been hoodwinked or duped! I honestly thought that it was a spin off of the TV show and that's what I expected like others did as well. I left at intermission and would love a refund. It should be clear when purchasing tickets...continued

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Tiffany Marie Lopez
Review from Tiffany Marie Lopez
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I mean, i guess you get what you pay for but I feel as though there was no real preparation for the show, the talent was mediocre, and the ambiance was very boring, no energy whatsoever. Usually for a talent show, the MC is to get the crowd...continued

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maria cabrera
Review from maria cabrera
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I went with my family and they enjoyed it!

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Review from Essie
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It was a lot of fun. The audience are very civilized and it wasn't too crowded. Really enjoyed the auditions and the audience gets to vote on who moves on to the next step. I had a nice time and will definitely return

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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It was ok.. Its not electra theatre. Its a small corner with chairs and tables and a bar.. Show was fine, drinks and prices are great. The place is with no one aircondition. Only 5 participants...

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Review from Sandy
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Small intimate theatre. There were supposed to be 5 acts and only 3 showed up. The three did do encore performances but...

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Mohamedali Kamalia
Review from Mohamedali Kamalia
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The description of the show was misleading. We were expecting different acts but there was only one. Overall, the show was good but we would have appreciated if they were more upfront with what we were paying for.

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Review from John
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The older Male judge ruined our evening by going off on a tirade about how he hates America. The whole audience was groaning about this loser espousing his extremist socialist politics. I paid for a good time and a show not a political event.

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Review from Jonté
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This event is basically a glorified talent show. The "talent" was so bad. My friend and I left during the intermission. I'm so glad I only paid $7 for it...then again you get what you pay for.

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Lillian Lee
Review from Lillian Lee
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This was the season finale so the quality of talent was very good. We were disappointed there were no comedians in the group.

The no minimum policy is greatly appreciated, especially as we were both not hungry that evening.

Thank you for a...continued

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