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Casey McNally
Review from Casey McNally
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I really enjoyed the show and would recommend to any Harry Potter head. Some sequences in the show dragged on a bit, but otherwise it was enjoyable throughout.

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Margaret Acres
Review from Margaret Acres
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If your a big Hogwarts fan & know the stories well you will enjoy it. One person in our group didn’t know the story well & didn’t enjoy it as much.
Would have been nicer if they were in more of a costume instead of street clothes too.

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Pechrachanna Sim
Review from Pechrachanna Sim
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It was such a great show! I was laughing every second!

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Rudy Jakupovic
Review from Rudy Jakupovic
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Puffs was special as a show that catered to people who are huge fans all of the Harry Potter series. While people who are not fans will still enjoy a great and funny story it's those who know all the little things that bothered us about the...continued

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Review from chidwic@gmail.com
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Show was funny and entertaining but seats were very obstructed and made it harder to watch

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Victoria Ou
Review from Victoria Ou
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SO good, so funny!! lots references

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Jackie Wentz
Review from Jackie Wentz
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The seats were perfect front and center, and the theater was clean and had plenty of bars and restrooms. The show was so good, we are huge Harry Potter fans and really appreciated the creativity and talent of all involved in the production. Lots...continued

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Jane Hong
Review from Jane Hong
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The show was wonderful. My friends and I enjoyed it thoroughly. My only complaint is that I couldn't hear what the actors were saying sometimes so I missed what I assume were funny jokes.

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Jessica L Ironman
Review from Jessica L Ironman
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This play was hilarious and wonderful!

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Jessica Webb
Review from Jessica Webb
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What a great show! It was hilarious!

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