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Jerry Davis
Review from Jerry Davis
Red Velvet 388 events 216 reviews

Fun Las Vegas setting worked well I finally am starting to understand the story.

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Red Velvet 82 events 22 reviews

great orchestra - great singers - great seats - a wonderful night!

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Denise Galon
Review from Denise Galon
120 events 43 reviews

Truly a fun night at the opera. How refreshing to have a modernized version of this great opera. Loved the sets and costumes!

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Review from Mimi
80 events 32 reviews

Everything was unexpectedly well; Verdi is impressive; orchestra, the singers were superlative. I had a wonderful evening

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Review from Mimi
80 events 32 reviews

I loved! I enjoy the music, the story, the seats the environment !

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Review from Mimi
80 events 32 reviews

The show was gorgeous! Was a great night out in the middle of week; very, very nice!
Thank you!

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Review from DCSlav
66 events 16 reviews

Excellent modern production. I "sorta" like opera, but this one held my interested through all 3 acts.

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Cheryl Warner Warner
Review from Cheryl Warner Warner
22 events 12 reviews


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valerie peters
Review from valerie peters
34 events 12 reviews

no bad seats and the show was terrific. thanks for the great offer!

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Review from REP
9 events 8 reviews

This was my first Rigoletto so I cannot compare with others. The two leads were wonderful. The sets are great -- loved the storm in the third act. There are two intermissions; the second was a full 30 minutes, which I found unusual.

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Review from sharo
109 events 7 reviews

Fantastic Production!!

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Review from sjtmd
7 events 6 reviews

An incredible experience. The ticket pick up at the "will call" window was quick and easy. Very good seats (center balcony). The glass of champagne was a real treat but the bar line is long and sloooow.
Had never seen an operatic performance -...continued

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yelena gelfand
Review from yelena gelfand
56 events 4 reviews
Susan Rollins
Review from Susan Rollins
35 events 4 reviews

I was too tired and couldn't keep my eyes open. Left after the first act. Seats were way, way up, miles from the stage.

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Alison D
Review from Alison D
11 events 4 reviews

Phenomenal production!

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Dr. Barbara Brodsky
Review from Dr. Barbara Brodsky
10 events 3 reviews

I loved the entire opera. The singers were, by far, the best!!

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Pamela Ferreira
Review from Pamela Ferreira
8 events 3 reviews

Worked out great! Seats were fine and the wine was a bargain compared to the normal price.

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Zaphra Reskakis
Review from Zaphra Reskakis
2 events 2 reviews

Th production of course was phenomenal The seats were absolutely great Fifth row from the rear center There was absolutely no problem in getting the tickets at the box office Same as it would be to pick up any tickets at the box...continued

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Review from jazminelara
16 events 1 review

Amazing show. It was great.

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Review from tatyana
12 events 1 review

cast was amazing! production truly creative and unconventional

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