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Teanette Weaver
Review from Teanette Weaver
13 events 4 reviews

Had a load of fun. Small crowd but everyone was cordial with one another. There was a bday party and the bday girl included everyone in her party. Loved the boat seating set up!!!

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Kirsten Lindberg
Review from Kirsten Lindberg
21 events 4 reviews

I went on the boat (not a yacht, by the way) for a friend's 30th birthday party, and we had a great time. If you get a big group together, this is a terrific way to celebrate something. Plus, the weather was nice, so it was lovely to be on the...continued

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Joe Greene
Review from Joe Greene
36 events 4 reviews

My friends and I had the best time on the cruise! So glad we upgraded to full bar, it was well worth it! I would have given 5 stars except that I was charged for a drink even though I had the unlimited wrist band. I ran out of cash to tip the...continued

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wanda morales
Review from wanda morales
6 events 4 reviews

There was not seat all the tables were reserved. The music was terrible and the DJ was not good either. Drinks were very expensive. I wanted to leave by 93:00 but the boat had left. I bought my site and friends and they said the same. Don't think...continued

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Scorpio King
Review from Scorpio King
11 events 4 reviews

Very nice experience, very diversified crowd and music. We totally enjoyed ourselves. We even met "Captain Kevin ". Would do it again.

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Tanya Tee Stanley
Review from Tanya Tee Stanley
10 events 3 reviews

After finding parking and my other 5 peeps. We had a great time. The person at check in forgot to give us our bands for the buffet. So that was crazy.

But other than the price of the drinks we had a great time on the dance floor. Props the...continued

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Chris Van Duin
Review from Chris Van Duin
4 events 3 reviews

An absolute must when in New York. Fun crowd, spectacular night views of Manhattan, Brooklyn, New Jersey, bridges and the Statue of Liberty. The staff was great and the DJ was excellent.

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Tanya Tee Stanley
Review from Tanya Tee Stanley
10 events 3 reviews

As always the DJ was on point and the bartenders were great. The crowd was a little on the light side...but hey it's October and a lot of people don't see going on a party boat this time of year. None the less I think it was GREAT.

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Review from Kory
17 events 3 reviews

fun great music, lots of skyline photos!

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Review from Loveaja
10 events 3 reviews

Great party. The music was good; the drinks weren't too expensive ($10+); and the crowd was diverse. My only issue is that the two hours goes really quickly and leaves you wanting more. I will definitely revisit this event!

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Review from Andrea
9 events 3 reviews

Had a great time on this "Rock the Yacht" Cruise! Great music, great views of NYC at night and loved it when the yacht was spinning on the spot at the very end! Luckily the weather was very warm so I could only wear a light jacket as the dance...continued

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Jennifer Sciuti
Review from Jennifer Sciuti
3 events 3 reviews

I went with my boyfriend and we met so many amazing people. Everyone is there to dance and enjoy the beautiful view so people got along really well and have a great time together. Food is pretty good, standard buffet of choices and the drinks...continued

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Review from teeshat
19 events 3 reviews

The event was wonderful the hold staff were great. The DJ was the best as all guests enjoyed themselves. I will be back for sure!

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Review from EVANDA
12 events 3 reviews

The night stated out great, despite the rain, and the upper deck being closed at first. DJ was great, food and drinks were good as well, just a bit pricey, but not out of the NYC norm. Once the rain cleared up, we noticed they were letting people...continued

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Review from EdCohen
7 events 3 reviews

This cruise is designed for younger people, mainly 20 somethings. Music was almost entirely hip-hop which may not appeal to the older generations.
The view itself was beautiful, climaxed by circling the Statue of Liberty.
Drinks and food were...continued

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Katie Gray
Review from Katie Gray
7 events 3 reviews

Very enjoyable I give it5 stars.drinks are sort of expensive.

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Review from Feva
18 events 3 reviews


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Binda Patel
Review from Binda Patel
2 events 2 reviews

Came here with a large group for a birthday party. The initial process of getting on the boat was a mess. They didn't have clear signs of what to do or where to go. Also took very long to get on the actual boat. We didn't end up leaving the dock...continued

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Review from Terry
3 events 2 reviews

Great experience, we had a night to remember, everything was just right ,I would recommend this to a friend

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Review from neicy
4 events 2 reviews

I had such a great time! Great music and atmosphere, I will definitely go back!

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