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Gregory Marconi
Review from Gregory Marconi
123 events 94 reviews

It was a nice break from all the "family friendly" shows of Broadway. Interesting story line. What would you do if you found out your mate was seeing a dominate on the down low for the past three years? Here is one woman's decision. I was visiting...continued

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Review from Rewjrnyc
66 events 23 reviews

Enjoyable night out. Enjoyed the subject matter and the interpersonal connections developed in the play however, the play's character development was a bit weak, but the actors did a great job. I found the development of the wife's character to...continued

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Gaspar Marino
Review from Gaspar Marino
20 events 8 reviews

Excellent depiction of an alternate lifestyle.
Many plot holes that didn't quite holdup.

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Alex Zhang
Review from Alex Zhang
24 events 7 reviews

Small intimate setting but great story and excellent performance

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Stephanie Cramarossa
Review from Stephanie Cramarossa
25 events 7 reviews

Wow wow wow!!! Outstanding!!! So real and touched all facets of life!!!

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Maxwell Brennan
Review from Maxwell Brennan
9 events 3 reviews

Absolutely incredible... the four cast members, set, lighting, sound and story were superb. A special shoutout to Joe Chisholm for his performance as ‘Micah’... with one look, he can break your heart. And kudos to Asher Gelman for explaining BDSM...continued

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Eugenia Stinson
Review from Eugenia Stinson
54 events 3 reviews

It was AWESOME. Set was perfect.
Actors were AWESOME. Each performing very well. Different kind of play, but very amusing and entertaining.

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Review from shelijay
8 events 3 reviews

The acting was excellent! However, the sensitive contents of the play should have been more transparent in the advertisement. For example, somewhere it should have stated same sex relationships with explicit language should have been noted. ...continued

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Jennifer Zogott Levy
Review from Jennifer Zogott Levy
8 events 2 reviews

I thought the play was very well-written and clever. I thought Tracy Elaine Lee was a little weaker than the other actors.

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Review from Chembuli
4 events 1 review
Darryl Vartabedian
Review from Darryl Vartabedian
6 events 1 review

Great show - small intimate theater so every seat is good. Sat in the 2nd row and had a perfect view of everything!

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Michelle Santiago
Review from Michelle Santiago
4 events 1 review

Safeword. Was a great experience. The theater is very small so any seating area is perfect for a great view.

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Lew Widoff
Review from Lew Widoff
8 events 1 review

The playwrite took a very dark,private,unexplainable psychological subject and brought into the secular. The first 5 minutes I was tempted to leave as not knowing anything of the subject of the play but stayed as the dialogue softened and took to...continued

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William Dehorney
Review from William Dehorney
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The show is everything I wanted it to be. The cast is really strong and the space is intimate enough to make you feel every moment.

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