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H. Gold
Review from H. Gold
Red Velvet 703 events 218 reviews

What an AMAZING TOUR!! Bruce, our tour guide, brought us to little known but beautiful places in Central Park (I particularly loved the North Woods, in which you felt far removed from the hustle & bustle of NYC and the spectacular Bridges at its...continued

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Review from rita
Red Velvet 150 events 131 reviews

Bruce, the guide, was really terrific. He was enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and congenial. It was a great day for a walk, and I learned a lot. I'd recommend it.

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Ravneesh Sachdev
Review from Ravneesh Sachdev
Red Velvet 406 events 17 reviews

We have toured with Bruce before on his Hamilton and Washington tour. We were excited to see that the Central Park tour was available on our recent trip. Without giving away the "secrets", here are some of things you will enjoy/learn: the beauty...continued

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Review from Bobby
Red Velvet 31 events 12 reviews

We and our guests from Switzerland loved every minute of this incredible Central Park tour! Bruce is an amazing tour guide and kept us all well entertained in spite of the chilly weather. Thanks, Bruce, you are the best! We will definitely take...continued

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Catharina V.
Review from Catharina V.
29 events 19 reviews

Bruce gave an incredible tour and I saw parts of Central Park I never knew existed. It turned out to be a beautiful day for the walk. The history of the park was informative and very fascinating. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone...continued

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Review from Kathy
20 events 12 reviews

Bruce is an excellent tour guide. We visited interesting and historical areas of Central Park above 100th Street. He brought the park alive with his stories and his extensive photo collection. I highly recommend.

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R.L. Carter
Review from R.L. Carter
8 events 6 reviews

Highly recommend this tour and guide. Great for locals with lots of interesting facts and history about Central Park that is surprising.

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David Saylor
Review from David Saylor
18 events 6 reviews

Our guide, Bruce, was quite informative and very enthused. We definitely saw parts of Central Park I was not familiar with.
This was an enjoyable 2 1/2 hours and I highly recommend signing up!
Bruce even had a list of nearby restaurants!

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Marian Gained
Review from Marian Gained
6 events 4 reviews

Bruce was an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and pleasant guide.
Great experience, definitely plan to take the tour again in the fall.

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Review from Tatiana
6 events 3 reviews

Bruce was great and very knowledgeable, provided a lot of information, toured interesting places in Central Park which I would not see otherwise.
Great tour guide and great tour!

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Lisa LaManna
Review from Lisa LaManna
4 events 3 reviews

The tour guide, Bruce, was extremely knowledgeable about Central Park. He made the tour fun and very interesting. It was an enjoyable 2&1/2 hour tour. Highly recommend!

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Review from MLW
5 events 2 reviews

Another wonderful tour with guide Bruce Racond. This time the tour was the Secret Places of Central Park Walking Tour.

The North Woods, the “Adirondacks”, a pond, a loch, waterfalls, fortresses from the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812,...continued

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Lynn Bailey
Review from Lynn Bailey
11 events 2 reviews

Our guide Bruce was as knowledgeable as one might have dreamed - a wonderful time - thanks.

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Review from Missy
4 events 2 reviews

This was the most interesting and fun tour I have ever taken. I highly recommend it.

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Eva Palumbo
Review from Eva Palumbo
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Mary Kaywork
Review from Mary Kaywork
4 events 1 review

A beautiful day and a tour guide who was very knowledgeable definitely recommend.

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Review from Cris
2 events 1 review

A Perfect Walk in the Park!
Our tour guide, Bruce did an amazing job making the history of Central Park come alive. He uncovered secret areas that I had no idea were at the park. I would highly recommend taking this tour. Great job!!!

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Review from Istanlis
13 events 1 review

A three hour stroll through Central Park — but not the most well-traveled parts! Although I’ve been to the park many times, I saw some things I hadn’t seen before. The guide was knowledgeable, low key, and concerned for the comfort of the...continued

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Renee J Slaw
Review from Renee J Slaw
1 event 1 review

Bruce did a great job! He is so knowledgeable!! So much I didn’t know. He always asked if anyone had questions. The packet of information and photos was massive! I’m a visual person so seeing some of what he was talking about on paper was great! I...continued

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Rena Deutsch
Review from Rena Deutsch
1 event 1 review

Bruce is an amazing guide who led us to fabulous areas of the park that most people, even those familiar with the park, wouldn't know about. Along the way, we learned tons of history of the park, the city, the state and the country. Highly...continued

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