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Review from Joe
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great vocalist

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Review from Malv
37 events 23 reviews

It was a very nice show with beautiful show tunes from most his shows. It was a two person show and I loved their voices but hers was stronger and did overpower him when they sang together. I loved the tiered layer to her dress, as the songs were...continued

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Virginia Campbell
Review from Virginia Campbell
128 events 18 reviews

This short off-Broadway production was excellent! With a few tweaks to the show, this could easily be a major blockbuster! I highly recommend it!!

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Review from 장유준
29 events 6 reviews

Great visual arts. The female singer sings pretty well. I just wish that the songs were arranged little bit differently to the other songs. All songs felt the same.

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Review from Betts
42 events 4 reviews

A multitude of stage problems that kept stopping play. Digital equipment went out twice for an hour or two.

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William Kaufman
Review from William Kaufman
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It was ok. Singing was great, production not so much.

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Eric Stout
Review from Eric Stout
8 events 3 reviews

More of a concert then a show. Still very good songs (obviously) sung by very good singers. Just wasn't what I was expecting

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Susan Nussbaum Cohen
Review from Susan Nussbaum Cohen
24 events 2 reviews

I honestly thought they should’ve had more singers with much better voices. I was disappointed.

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Jennifer Tarin
Review from Jennifer Tarin
4 events 1 review

I was hoping for so much more than what I got. I found it to be very focused on the lead singer and the hologram and less focused on the music of Oscar Hammerstein. The only song that was close to being like the movie/play it was from was...continued

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D Dougherty
Review from D Dougherty
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Terrible execution of an idea. Bad vocalist, technology was tiresome, vocals were too loud.

Seated in the first row which was below the stage level, so was difficult/impossible to see the performers.

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Mitchell Gerard
Review from Mitchell Gerard
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Very boring with sub par singing and costume.

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