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Linda Obasa
Review from Linda Obasa
13 events 2 reviews

Enjoyed every bit of it! It was like watching a Broadway show. The actresses were awesome! Very talented! Their voices were amazing! Would definitely see it again! A MUST SEE!!!

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Margaret H
Review from Margaret H
4 events 2 reviews

Enjoyed the show from beginning to end. The cast did a very good job, there energy was great. I would go and see this show again, it did not disappoint. My advice to anyone who is thinking about going to see this show, stop thinking, hurry and...continued

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Review from Ltboogie
9 events 2 reviews

Excellent play. Went with a group of friends and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it

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Review from Ltboogie
9 events 2 reviews

Excellent production. Would recommend everyone go see this.

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Review from amwillie1
8 events 2 reviews

Excellent show! Can't say enough about it. Powerful story, great music, well performed. Highly recommended.

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Carl Jablonski
Review from Carl Jablonski
14 events 2 reviews

Fun upbeat experience. Nostalgic songs and great fun, Enjoyed every minute!

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
5 events 2 reviews

Girls day out with my mom ,daughter and aunts. Had a fantastic time ! The songs definitely bought back memories

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Yonette Andrews
Review from Yonette Andrews
8 events 2 reviews

Great play to go and take your sister or girl friends.

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Mary Rader
Review from Mary Rader
3 events 2 reviews

Great singing. Bargain

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Lindsay 'Niyati' Ann Perez
Review from Lindsay 'Niyati' Ann Perez
10 events 2 reviews

I honestly had no idea what this show was about, but it turned out to be a really awesome birthday gift! The entire cast have incredible voices! I recommend going on a Sunday when parking rules are not in effect. If you are going on a weekday you...continued

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Review from JM420
15 events 2 reviews

I loved it. It was my second time seeing it. This time I invited my 24 yr old daughter who dislikes most entertainment I like.
I told her she would love it and she admitted her mother was right. She loved it too. These women can sing.

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Carol Stevens
Review from Carol Stevens
2 events 2 reviews

I really loved this play. I brought my niece from Toronto and we both found it so meaningful that it brought tears to our eyes. I'm going to treat all the females in my family especially my daughters. It's the perfect family reunion activity. I...continued

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Leslie Schneider
Review from Leslie Schneider
7 events 2 reviews

It was inspirational, entertaining, and the talent outstanding!!!

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Tan Bee
Review from Tan Bee
5 events 2 reviews

LOVED IT! I'm getting a group of women together now so that we can all come and have this experience together... Wonderful Show!

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Maureen Gaffney
Review from Maureen Gaffney
6 events 2 reviews

Loved it!!

Music and singing were excellent! Acting was phenomenal

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Review from Sdeisha
8 events 2 reviews

Loved the show, the only reason I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is because there were times during the performance where the music would drown out the voices. Usually at the beginning of the song. That's my only complaint.

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Review from tutu
8 events 2 reviews

Lovely Lovely Lovely!!! took my mother in law and we enjoyed every bit of it! Planning to go back with my aunt and cousins.

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Margareth Victor
Review from Margareth Victor
29 events 2 reviews

My daughter and I enjoyed every minute of the musical. The song brought back memories. The ladies were funny and smart. Actually, when my sister comes to town, that's the show we are taking her to see.

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willette porter
Review from willette porter
24 events 2 reviews

My experience was wonderful, I had a great time, it brought back memories of my young days. I have a question why not look into the theater in Brooklyn call the Billie Holiday theater, we would love to have it come there, and I would like to...continued

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Review from Ime'
3 events 2 reviews

My friend and I all had a great time and we all loved it. The music and story was very good, funny, and touching. The entire cast had very good voices. Highly recommend it.

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