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Desiree Future
Review from Desiree Future
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From the very beginning the cast drew me in. The storyline along with the singing was amazing. Each cast member belted out heartfelt songs intertwined with the deep feelings of sisterhood. I truly loved this play.

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Review from Melina1210
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Fun and interactive

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Princess Blythe
Review from Princess Blythe
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Great energy! Great show!

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Jabraddrick Durant
Review from Jabraddrick Durant
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Great experience great show

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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Great mother daughter experience!

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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Great music and vocalists! Learned a little history too.

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Review from Krishna
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Great show! Beautiful voices and great message.

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Review from Kaykay
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Great show I took my sister and we enjoyed every minute of it!!

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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Great!. If you are looking @ the place, how small the theater is, you will not enjoy the show. I think "sistas" qualifies for extra star. In my eyes, it was better then all the shows I'd paid top to see. I enjoyed the cast, the musics, the...continued

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Review from Barbara
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I am so happy my cousin and I decided to see this play.
great entertainment, beautiful voices The Audience identified with Each and every Actresses, We laugh when they laughed ,we sing when they sang, we dance when they danced . We felt sadness...continued

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Thomasina Hopkins
Review from Thomasina Hopkins
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I and my two guests had a wonderful experience. The seats were great and the show was awesome. I would recommend this musical to any one who appreciates music.

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Review from Chloe
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I enjoyed the show. Perfect outing with my mom. However, getting into the theater was somewhat disorganized.

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Maliyka A Muhammad
Review from Maliyka A Muhammad
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I expected a little more from this production than what I saw.

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Review from Peaches
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I had the best time there. The singing and music that was played was all my favorite songs. I want to go back again. The best ever.

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Laurette Williams
Review from Laurette Williams
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I laughed. I cried. I danced. I shouted. I had the time of my life, I just wish it'd come to Chicago. I would so come to see it here.

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Review from LINDA KINLEY
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I liked it. Nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon at an off-off Broadway show.Had good seats up front. Not sure how the view and sound affected those sitting further back. Cast received good response from audience.

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Review from Shamika
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I loved it!! Great performances by very talented women! It was exciting, funny, and touching! A great time for women and men too.

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Evelyn Quintana
Review from Evelyn Quintana
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I loved it!! Ther only complaint I have is that since seating was all one level..so we had very tall people in front of us so we had to keep shifting left to right to watch in between gaps to be able to see

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Review from Kim
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I loved Sistas: the Musical. It took you through a thought provoking journey thru music. The interaction with the audience was wonderful. I would go see Sistas: the Musical again. I went with my Mom and my Daughter, and they loved it as well.

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Tora Townsend
Review from Tora Townsend
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I surprised my mom and friend with tickets and we all loved the show. Our seats were superb and we laughed and cried and clapped and sang along! I would definitely come back and bring more friends!

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