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Robert Cesarano
Review from Robert Cesarano
18 events 15 reviews

Talented Cast, small intimate venue, great singers, and wonderful performance.

Great time.

My Wife, our daughter, and I really enjoyed to show.

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Linda St Preux
Review from Linda St Preux
27 events 15 reviews

The show was great. I will recommend it and will come again.

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Concert Girl
Review from Concert Girl
55 events 14 reviews

A great show. The cast had magnificent voices!

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ilene deutsch
Review from ilene deutsch
46 events 14 reviews

Fabulous entertainment! Great talent! Important message!

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Review from Dolores
47 events 14 reviews

I truly hope this musical play come to LA, a wonderful off Broadway Show that was a inspirational, funny and entertaining. The singing was exceptional.

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Divine Ms
Review from Divine Ms
17 events 14 reviews

My daughter and I went to see this musical on a Sunday afternoon and we both absolutely loved it. Very entertaining, a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon, will put the word out that it's a "must see."

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Cynthia Watson
Review from Cynthia Watson
24 events 14 reviews

We loved it! Total worth the ticket price.

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Review from kathy
48 events 13 reviews

I really enjoyed this. My seat was amazing so thank u, Goldstar. First row ... perfect.

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Review from Denise
20 events 13 reviews

I took my friend and her 14 year old daughter, we all loved it. The music was great and the all performers are extremely talented. You would not be disappointed - worth the price or more off Broadway show that kept you interested from start to...continued

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Francis Parker
Review from Francis Parker
23 events 13 reviews

It was a good show. We enjoyed it. Well worth the (very low) price.

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Carol Stevenson
Review from Carol Stevenson
33 events 13 reviews

Perfect seating for a fun musical celebration of love of family and equality for all people. Music was great.

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Orlando Rodriguez
Review from Orlando Rodriguez
26 events 13 reviews

This is a MUST SEE, from start to finish. You are guaranteed to enjoy yourself. Please take your mothers, grandmothers, sisters, brothers. You will be singing and laughing along with the actors.

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Cheryl Warner Warner
Review from Cheryl Warner Warner
22 events 12 reviews

A sunny, sunday afternoon...great time to see a show 4:30...I really enjoyed this performance. the singers, story line was very good. I plan to take my cousin, from Baltimore, if she comes in town, in august. I hope the sunday afternoon...continued

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Review from Lissette
26 events 12 reviews


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Bertie Trager
Review from Bertie Trager
39 events 12 reviews

Loved this show. Very entertaining

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Aletha Mebane
Review from Aletha Mebane
27 events 12 reviews

This was my third time seeing the show and its still seems to amaze me. I loved the actress and the role they were betraying. Will go again atleast two more times.

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Irene Schyberger
Review from Irene Schyberger
45 events 11 reviews

Fun, awesome singing, hilarious, spanning over generations and races! Can really recommend the show!

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Cortney Thomas
Review from Cortney Thomas
13 events 11 reviews

The cast was phenomenal. For our show, we had two of the original cast members were out and I cannot imagine them being any better than the two we saw. Great energy, chemistry and story telling. If you have siblings, you can definitely identify...continued

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Mitchel Lerman
Review from Mitchel Lerman
41 events 10 reviews

excellent music and acting

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Review from Yolanda
51 events 10 reviews

It was a true to life family experience. It’s was like being home with your sistas. I actually had I tear run down my face because it hit home. Job well done.

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