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Review from IM2QT4U
46 events 10 reviews

The music was great. Everyone in attendance was singing and dancing. The storyline was great. It was a fun afternoon.

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elvine lucas
Review from elvine lucas
14 events 10 reviews

The singing was excellent from each performer and the song choices were great too! Couldn't help but sing along!

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Sheila Karp
Review from Sheila Karp
24 events 10 reviews

Theater was just the right size. Seats were excellent, 6th row orchestra. The performers were excellent. Very good voices and acting. The only problem that I had with this musical comedy is that I found it a bit racist- Black people are good,...continued

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Review from MsSumayyah
23 events 10 reviews

Totally awesome!!! I saw it last year with a friend and enjoyed it so much that when my sister came from South Carolina to visit I had to see it again with her. She thanked me a million times for taking her to see it and she could not stop raving...continued

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Judith AndersonNeal
Review from Judith AndersonNeal
32 events 9 reviews

I enjoyed this play so much that when it is out again , I will go again and take friends. I bought the DVD, and everyone who sees it enjoys it and wants to see it live. I had a wonderful night.

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Claudette Pettaway
Review from Claudette Pettaway
15 events 9 reviews

loved the play. It was great especially since i went with my sister who was visiting from barbadoes and a very good family friend who is like a sister. It definately was our era and loved and sang along with music. The only negative thing is the...continued

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Review from Nygia
30 events 9 reviews

This play is definitely a show stopper must see

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Review from MIZVEE2003
29 events 9 reviews

This was my 3rd time seeing Sistas The Musical. It is definitely a must see for all ages. The play is 90 minutes with no intermission. The singing and dancing were great and I enjoyed the messages the actors conveyed to the audience. They...continued

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Review from MIZVEE2003
29 events 9 reviews

This was my 4th time seeing Sisters The Musical, and as always it was phenomenal. Each time I go, I receive a new message. Great actresses and music. Definitely worth seeing over and over again! ENJOY the show!

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Felicia Newton
Review from Felicia Newton
12 events 9 reviews

We took my 77 year old Mother to see this play. She LOVED it! She sang along, snapped her fingers and clapped along. She was so excited that she knew most of the songs. I thought the voices of the 3 Sisters were powerful. The voice of...continued

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Review from gsmith922003
52 events 8 reviews

As a Red Velvet member, I was in the last row of the theatre with an obstructing my vision column ( i am 6'5) in front of me. :Love the play but my seats were HORRIBLE

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Ramonita Ortiz
Review from Ramonita Ortiz
12 events 8 reviews

I could not understand what the show was all about at the beginning, although the girls made it clear that they were experiencing the loss of their Mother or Grandmother. The setting was obvious that this was the home of the deceased and...continued

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Monique Glover
Review from Monique Glover
15 events 8 reviews

I loved the show. The ladies can sing and the songs they pick to sing was great. I would recommend go and see. The 5 ladies were great.

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Review from gsmith922003
52 events 8 reviews

I went to see Sistah's the musical 2 weekends in a row! i loved it. but This saturday April 19th i went. I am a red velvet member and i was put in the last row. omg my guest is 5'3 couldnt see a thing and i am 6'5 and had a hard time seeing...continued

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Pat Barnum
Review from Pat Barnum
28 events 8 reviews

Music was great. Time flew by - I liked the fact that was no intermission. Would def. recommend.

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Charmaine Pimienta Cooper
Review from Charmaine Pimienta Cooper
55 events 8 reviews

My girlfriend and I had front row seats and loved every bit of it. We laughed so hard. There were so many messages in the show. All of the women were great actresses and had lovely voices. This was actually my second time seeing it and I will...continued

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Review from caryn
26 events 8 reviews

My mom and her long time best friend had a great time. They enjoyed the music and the chance to sing along. It was very nostalgic and relateable. A good time for my 2 favorite Motown Moms!

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Danielle Lauture-Conner
Review from Danielle Lauture-Conner
26 events 8 reviews

PROS - Actresses sang strongly and beautifully. acting was convincing, good story. Audience was upbeat and interactive, we sang along to the music. We had second row seating, amazing! Theatre is intimate but comfortable. Around the corner from...continued

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Review from Moj
18 events 8 reviews

So enjoyable, entertaining, & educational! I was laughing & crying at the same time. Super talented cast & singing range... Bravo!

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Shari Sveningson
Review from Shari Sveningson
33 events 8 reviews

talented cast

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