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Review from deejay
22 events 8 reviews

The singing was awesome! I enjoyed every minute of the show.

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Review from patrixa
11 events 7 reviews

a great show, fun exciting , touching ... great music . comfortable seats . a winner in every way . a treat to see . well written and talented artist / actors / singers

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Review from Avis
8 events 7 reviews

A heartwarming show that is appropriate for all ages. I went with a friend and we enjoyed every moment. I called my sister before I even left the theater to tell her to bring her Sorority's group of mentees to the show and they will be going to...continued

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Review from Kesha
68 events 7 reviews

Absolutely amazing!!! 2nd time seeing this show and it was better than I remembered. Performances were outstanding.

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Motown Fan
Review from Motown Fan
18 events 7 reviews

Don't like the idea of the venue picking my seats for me. It was a good thing I saw the show a couple of years ago or else I would have been a very totally unhappy camper! I had to constantly dodge the people sitting in the two rows ahead of me....continued

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Pilar Delgado
Review from Pilar Delgado
16 events 7 reviews

Fabulous show; highly recommend!

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Deanice J. Hadley
Review from Deanice J. Hadley
8 events 7 reviews

I loved the musical Sistas. The theatre was easy to locate and since it wasn't a large theatre all seating was great. My surprise was that I got Row A Seat 1 perfect seating for me. The singing was wonderful and the audience sang along. We had...continued

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Review from Kesha
68 events 7 reviews

Loved it!!! Cast is very talented. We were allowed to ask questions after the show which was informative. My only issue was the venue was very hot inside. Needed the ac on and everything would've been great.

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Review from Kitty
8 events 7 reviews

My girlfriend and I were having a girls' day and we went to see Sistas. The music was awesome and the storyline definitely bought a couple of tears to my eyes. We loved it and definitely recommend it. It will be a good time all around....

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Review from BGBB
11 events 7 reviews

Spectacular! This should not be missed. Fellas, bring your ladies. I promise you both will be entertained and enjoy this production.

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Review from jileneg
13 events 7 reviews

The play was very good. It was a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon. The setting was intimate and cozy. I felt connected to the performance in a way that I would not have been in a larger setting. The play was well worth it. Go and see it ASAP!

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Stephanie M. Johnson
Review from Stephanie M. Johnson
28 events 7 reviews

This is a great show if you are a music lover. The songs covered all eras and were sung to perfection by the cast. A great outing for groups of girlfriends, sisters, family reunion groups. Loved it.

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Review from Kitty
8 events 7 reviews

We had an amazing time. This was my second time attending and I took two of my girlfriends and they loved it also. The storyline and the music are both awesome. I most definitely recommend everyone see SISTAS you might see a little of yourself...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
7 events 6 reviews

Great atmosphere with everyone singing and clapping along, a gripping yet simple story, and inspired performances with an A+ song selection. What more could you wish for?

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Jacqueline Ivey
Review from Jacqueline Ivey
11 events 6 reviews


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Yoko Suzuki
Review from Yoko Suzuki
18 events 6 reviews

Performer was amazing, their singing ability was incredible

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Teresa Buckingham-Knight
Review from Teresa Buckingham-Knight
5 events 6 reviews

Play was fabulous. Performers were great. Music upbeat and selected to fit each part of the play. Highly recommend. We loved it!!

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roslyn carswell
Review from roslyn carswell
11 events 6 reviews

The Musical was awesome, had a ball. looking to go back again. my only issue was i wish people with Big hair would tie down or braid their hair when they know they are coming to a theather such as St. Lukes. Again, the show right up there with...continued

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Agnes HindsDabreu
Review from Agnes HindsDabreu
13 events 6 reviews

The show was wonderful, but the venue was less than expected.

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Monique Ray
Review from Monique Ray
9 events 6 reviews

The show was excellent and we had an awesome time.

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