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Pam Osbey
Review from Pam Osbey
12 events 5 reviews

This is a fun, motivating and inspirational show. The songs are heartwarming! Great cast. Perfect for a girls night.

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Review from Silverdollar
35 events 5 reviews

This play was awesome!!! I recommend to everyone to come enjoy and celebrate life!

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Carina Alm
Review from Carina Alm
75 events 5 reviews

This was a great show. Five amazing women with strong voices who told a story with depth and width. A lot of music. Strongly recommended.

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Jasmine Matos
Review from Jasmine Matos
12 events 5 reviews

This was a fantastic show we had front row seats which was amazing although there aren't any bad seats in this theater I recommend going to see this show

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Review from khchocolate
27 events 4 reviews

After seeing it on TV I was a little surprised to see the put together set and the 1 man band sitting just off to the side of the stage. he really held my interest. The music was very good, as well as the singing. As each song was a testimony to...continued

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A Ita Hudgins
Review from A Ita Hudgins
28 events 4 reviews


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Faye C. Waters
Review from Faye C. Waters
30 events 4 reviews

Current in its perspective and yet timeless in its values
Went with friends and family and we each connected with this production
Great voices and music
Wish all sisters could see it together
Recommend this also for young girls who are just...continued

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Sonya M. Blakeney
Review from Sonya M. Blakeney
5 events 4 reviews

Excellent show, well worth the money and very entertaining!

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Review from JOAN ROSE
12 events 4 reviews

For me it was ok

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Mark boylin
Review from Mark boylin
9 events 4 reviews

Great singers but the storyline wasn't for us. Not really a feel good show!

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Denia Washington
Review from Denia Washington
12 events 4 reviews

I had a great time and enjoyed the performance!

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Sonia Lopez Rodriguez
Review from Sonia Lopez Rodriguez
11 events 4 reviews

I loved it. It was on my bucket list so I went to celebrate my birthday with my real 3 sisters, son , husband, niece and niece in law had a fantastic time. Cast was outstanding. They sang happy birthday to my sister and I. Great time. Thank you...continued

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Review from Danielle
12 events 4 reviews

I loved the show. It was very entertaining and touched on a lot of subjects. My only complaint is the theater is small and it's hard to see over the people in front of us. I would definitely recommend it to a friend. The young ladies could really...continued

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Review from Debbie
15 events 4 reviews

I went to see Sista's the Musical on Sunday. I enjoyed the play so much. It celebrated 3 generations of black family traditions and values with humor, emotions, family secrets, history, and the phenomenal singing of the 5 women. This is a play...continued

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Antinia Myers
Review from Antinia Myers
8 events 4 reviews

I went with my two girls and we enjoyed it, it made you laugh, it made you tear, and made you think seriously about things, and people you encounter, that might have gone through some things in life, and how we as women need to pick each other...continued

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Ron C.
Review from Ron C.
4 events 4 reviews

It took me way back, back to days and experiences of my mother and father, and my youth. I loved they way the ladies transitioned and dealt with the issues from the days of The Harlem Renaissance to the current. "A Time for some deep Reflection."...continued

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Denia Washington
Review from Denia Washington
12 events 4 reviews

It was as good as the first time I went.

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Review from YOLLY
10 events 4 reviews

it was fun,comfortable, i had a great time

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Review from LINDA LLOYD
13 events 4 reviews

SO SO GOOD!!!!!!

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Review from Judith
23 events 4 reviews

The cast had strong voices and the storyline was pretty tight. It was a fun and affordable way to spend an afternoon in NYC.

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