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Lori O'Keefe Castoria
Review from Lori O'Keefe Castoria
14 events 4 reviews

The singing was outstanding and the music wonderful. Great experience & highly recommend the show!

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Review from Cbtime1999
7 events 4 reviews

This is one of the best plays that I have seen in my entire life. The storyline was well thought out and the characters make it come to life. I will be seeing it again with some friends and family.

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Marilyn Dikkers
Review from Marilyn Dikkers
15 events 4 reviews

This show is fantastic! Much more than just a fun musical, with amazing voices... it is not only powerful musically, but also emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. It is heart-warming, foot-tapping, moving, uplifting and inspiring! A...continued

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Review from Katherine
7 events 4 reviews

Truly enjoyable. Every actress is talented and their voices were beautiful. Overall, it was delightful with many little messages in-between dialog and music. Highly recommend for a great 90 minutes of entertainment.

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Rose k
Review from Rose k
15 events 4 reviews

Wow! Fabulous. Didn’t expect the exceptional talent and story. So fun!

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Debbie Manning
Review from Debbie Manning
73 events 3 reviews

A short play (or maybe because I enjoyed it so much I didnt want it to be over with 5 women reminscing about the times surrounding many songs originall sang by women.

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Charlie Bee
Review from Charlie Bee
5 events 3 reviews

Absolutely Amazing!!!! A must see for ALL!!!

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Review from Andrea
9 events 3 reviews

Absolutely loved this musical! Great performance of all the singers, great topic and loved & knew most of the songs! Had an excellent seat (mid of the 3rd row)!! Thank you!! This musical needs to stay for as long as possible for sure! :-)

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Review from Singpraizez
4 events 3 reviews

Excellent!!! Great storyline alongside music from every generation!

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Review from Nita
16 events 3 reviews

From old times to modern times, woman share the same pain. We have a bond between us and that is determination, love and preservation.

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Review from Brenda
13 events 3 reviews

Great event, loved the music and the singers. Great “girls night out” but couples would love it too.

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Review from Romy
7 events 3 reviews

Great show!!! I was seated in the second row and was extremely happy about that.

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Maria Bruno
Review from Maria Bruno
9 events 3 reviews

Had an amazing time. The performance was endearing to the point and very meaningful. I knew all the songs and I felt like I was back in those days. I was there with four other girlfriends and was glad to share this show with them. There were...continued

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Harriet Harrison-Cumberbatch
Review from Harriet Harrison-Cumberbatch
6 events 3 reviews

I attended the show with my three daughters, my daughter-in-law and her niece, and my niece. The niece who is in her early twenties (my daughter-in-laws niece) enjoyed it so much, she said "she was bringing her mother to see it". Each one, told...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
4 events 3 reviews

I loved every minute of the show! We were clapping and singing to the music ... without drowning the performers' incredible voices. Totally not to be missed.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
12 events 3 reviews

I saw the musical for the first time on Saturday August 3rd, it was awesome, I really believe I’m gonna go see it again and I’ve been telling others about it, keep up the great work guys ??

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Review from Aya
22 events 3 reviews

I was sitting in the last rows and I could barely see anything behind peoples heads and shoulders. This was the only a negative for me. Rest of the whole musicale was good I enjoyed it much. Thank you.

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Review from Janet
24 events 3 reviews

I went with my best friend and loved it. The show brought back memories of being young and carefree in NYC as well as the black experience during that time. Great job !

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Review from Jamie
10 events 3 reviews

It was a great show. The songs were sung with such heart and soul. Story lines were quick and funny time just flew buy. If you want to laugh and cry go see it.

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Dorothy A Parks
Review from Dorothy A Parks
34 events 3 reviews

Marvelous show! Will most definitely see again.

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