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Mariam Traore
Review from Mariam Traore
54 events 27 reviews

Beyond words. What a great tour guide Ludie is. Essential walking tour.

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Sherry Mohamed
Review from Sherry Mohamed
84 events 27 reviews

I went with my Social Group Black Baby Boomers just want to have fun. We had a lot of fun. The guide was very informative.

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Sherry Mohamed
Review from Sherry Mohamed
84 events 27 reviews

My group loved it thank you.

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Linda Ellen Going To Plays And Movies.
Review from Linda Ellen Going To Plays And Movies.
101 events 26 reviews

I like History didnt know about this in lower manhattan I work in area. The tour gruide for very good in telling us the history. I will tell people of my expercise.

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Sandra Davis
Review from Sandra Davis
33 events 25 reviews

Very informative

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Review from JLC
37 events 20 reviews

There wasw a lot of physical anthrololgy and not enough story and not enough about what I didn't already know. My husband found it more interesting than I did.

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Review from nicole
36 events 16 reviews

The tour guide was great. He was very informative. He walked at a good pace with stops in between.

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Barbara Schafer
Review from Barbara Schafer
71 events 12 reviews

Awesome. Luby our tour guide was funny, entertaining, and well informed. Didn't know anything about the underground railroad or slavery in NY and Luby knew it all in great detail.So glad we got a chance to take this tour.

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Review from Juanita
13 events 10 reviews

It was a sunny day and did not rain. Large tour group. I thought tour guide walked too fast for seniors in group but everyone kept up the pace and guide very knowledgeable. Several historical sights to see including the sacred African Burial...continued

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Review from mialani
13 events 9 reviews

It was a bittersweet sublime experience. Damaris, the guide, took an excruciating subject and provided insight, historical context and glimpses of paths to reconciliation and healing. Whether or not I agreed with all her interpretations of the...continued

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Jim Eigo
Review from Jim Eigo
12 events 8 reviews

The tour guide Damaras was engaging, thorough & knowledgeable. And the historical material covered, about the history of the slave trade in NYC & later efforts to smuggle escaped slaves from the South to freedom, is pertinent today given the...continued

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Ken Jones
Review from Ken Jones
24 events 7 reviews

What an incredible tour! There was so much history of slavery in NY and the US that I was unaware of. As great as our tour was, I do believe that a great portion of my enjoyment came from our exceptional tour guide, Damaras. She was patient,...continued

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R.L. Carter
Review from R.L. Carter
8 events 6 reviews

The story of slavery and abolitionist support is amazing and I learned a lot. I was interested in knowing where the public slave market was and the burial site near City Hall for slaves. It gives you more perspective on this shameful part of...continued

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Parrick Sanon
Review from Parrick Sanon
17 events 5 reviews

Demaas is awesome. She is passionate and well-informe about the subject matter. The tour was enlightening and thought-provoking. Children from elementary school to high school will enjoy it. Great Job Demaras!

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Parrick Sanon
Review from Parrick Sanon
17 events 5 reviews

Demaris is thorough and well-informed about the subject matter. She is passionate about her work. Everyone in my group enjoyed the tour. Some even talked about coming back. This tour takes you beyond the history books. It is both...continued

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Review from VillaMgt
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Review from Dee
14 events 5 reviews

We loved the tour!
It was very enlightening and informative. The tour leader Damaras was fantastic, very knowledgeable and professional.

My husband and I thought the tour was so good we will be taking it again when the weather cools off,...continued

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Review from enjoy2015/
9 events 4 reviews

Enjoyed the tour and information given. The tour should include the African American Museum or at least tell the group about the museum especially since the tour ended around the corner from it.

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Maria J.
Review from Maria J.
20 events 4 reviews

This was a great experience! I am from Brooklyn, New York and I learned so much history in an interactive way! I am so excited that I finally had the time to participate in this walking tour! I’m looking to purchase the walking tour in Harlem in...continued

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Review from arlbloch
6 events 3 reviews

Allison was interesting, knowledgeable, and very thorough.. I feel she did a wonderful job of presenting the material in a factual manner with many insightful comments.

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