1527809822 slavery and underground railroad tour of new york tickets
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Carol J Meijer
Review from Carol J Meijer
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The tour was great! Stephan was excellent. I would welcome him as my Tour Guide on
any tour.

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Patricia Shih
Review from Patricia Shih
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This site will not let me rate it via stars, so I'll just say 4 stars. The guide was very knowledgeable and the sights very good but honestly it was SO COLD and WINDY, even though I wore my very warmest clothes, I had to bail out less than half...continued

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Carol Patterson
Review from Carol Patterson
13 events 2 reviews

Though it was a very cold day, the tour guide Damirus was very knowledgeable and engaging that I withstood the cold
So much valuable info that left me with lots to think about in terms of the miseducation I receive in school. It’s a crying shame...continued

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Review from Barbara
4 events 2 reviews

Wonderful and informative tour. Learned some new things about NYC and the role that NY played in the slave trade and abolitionist movement. Stacey was an excellent guide.

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Angela Addy
Review from Angela Addy
1 event 1 review

Damara was so professional and knowledgeable about the Slavery and Underground Railroad Tour. Her personality mixed with her concern for the comfort of the group made the tour interesting and fun-filled. She’s simply the best ?

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Review from Beth
19 events 1 review

Damaras was the most knowlegeable, articulate, thought-provoking, and personable tour guide I have ever had. And the content of this tour is fantastic! Damaras will challenge your thinking as she shares about the history of slavery, the African...continued

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alex buffaloe
Review from alex buffaloe
8 events 1 review

Damaras was great as a tour guide and was very informative

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S. Donnor
Review from S. Donnor
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Every NYer and tourist needs to take this tour. Learn the tawdry side of not just NYC history, but of American and world history. This tour is not for the faint of ❤, because things will be learned that cannot be unheard. It not just transports...continued

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Juan R Miranda
Review from Juan R Miranda
4 events 1 review

Fantastic tour. Detailed and abundant information. Our tour guide, demaris, was impressive and flawlessly presented the info. I Learned a lot. Will Definitely
recommend this tour. Thanks.

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Veronica Bennett
Review from Veronica Bennett
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My name is Veronica Bennett. I took my tour on Friday April 12. My tour guide was Damaras. I absolutely enjoyed the tour. Our guide was professional, informative, & mindful of others feelings. I was actually surprised when she announced the last...continued

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Review from coursteno
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Our guide Dee was amazing! She was so knowledgeable and really made this tour a special learning experience. We highly recommend

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Review from Mcdtrp
2 events 1 review

Our guide Damaras was a well-spoken, informative professional. The history she provided was very interesting, and she was open to questions and comments.

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Alison Burns
Review from Alison Burns
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Our guide was knowledgeable and friendly. She spoke for three hours without notes and was fluent, and interesting to listen to. She took us to a variety of sites, kept us engaged throughout and we felt smarter at the end of the tour than the...continued

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Lucy Vanegas
Review from Lucy Vanegas
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Our guide was wonderful. He was very knowledgeable and accurate. I had no idea there was so much history that far back in Manhattan. It is a 2 1/2 hour tour but the pace was an easy constant stride. I would highly recommend it

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Michael Levgur
Review from Michael Levgur
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Shawn is an excellent tour guide. He is very very knowledgeable, he speaks clearly and loudly so everybody can hear and understand him. He is considerate and always waiting for the entire group to convene and always leaves time for questions. ...continued

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Barbara Ramsey
Review from Barbara Ramsey
2 events 1 review

The group leader was articulate. The topic well researched. I urge anyone interested in the complicated history of our country to experience this objective and informative tour.

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Patricia Maldonado
Review from Patricia Maldonado
4 events 1 review

The guide was extremely knowledgable and very articulate, and sensitive. Great tour.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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The tour guide did the impossible: she kept a long (3 hours) tour interesting enough to stick w/ it in the horrible heat of last week (temps in the upper 90s). The ONLY suggestion I can think to make is to change the name of the tour to...continued

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Maureen Trenk
Review from Maureen Trenk
7 events 1 review

The tour guide was very knowledgeable. I learned a great deal. I am a native New Yorker and didn´t know anything about how slavery existed in the North. I have recommended this tour to friends.

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Review from MM
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The tour guide was very knowledgeable and did a great job.

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