Sunday night improv
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Red Velvet 142 events 29 reviews

Great fun in the optional class before the show. Very tiny theater is a little tricky to find. Show was mostly clever and well paced, a few bits of the show fell flat but that happens sometimes in improv even with talented performers like these.

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Victor Torres
Review from Victor Torres
75 events 39 reviews

First time there. Had a great time. A most see show. No two drink minimum. Can bring snacks your own water.

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Jodi Landau Ryan
Review from Jodi Landau Ryan
34 events 21 reviews

I was looking for something to do while my son and friends were at an all day concert and this looked interesting. It was alot of fun! The improv actors were great!

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20 events 14 reviews

If you want insights into the real work actors must do every time they step on stage, then this workshop is the best lesson money can buy! To have the opportunity to engage "on stage" with Mr. Soter and his seasoned professionals in improvised...continued

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Alan Septoff
Review from Alan Septoff
22 events 11 reviews

A very funny, relaxed evening with very funny relaxed and talent comedians.

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Review from spokenworddancer
172 events 11 reviews

they fun, energetic, adventurous and talented!!

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Review from nekesha25
19 events 7 reviews

I had a great time. Staff was very friendly and very funny. I would differently go again.

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Review from Kongo
7 events 4 reviews

Had a great time. Low-key, but hilarious, personable, and fun. One of those things that make you glad to be in NYC, where you can find little unexpected gems of entertainment.

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Review from Feva
18 events 3 reviews

It was only two other people there. what happened to the other guest.

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Review from Anna
9 events 2 reviews

The show was cancelled and we weren’t notified.

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3 events 2 reviews

What a fantastic time!! Almost ninety minutes of laughs for just $5! There are no drinks to buy either just the show, which was hysterical. I love watching improv, and these people were at the top of their game. It's in a nice neighborhood too,...continued

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Phillip Jarrell
Review from Phillip Jarrell
4 events 1 review

I liked it, the Sunday night improv was interesting and will definitely get you laughing.

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It was a great event, my son is an inspiring actor (novice) that wanted to do something in NYC while we were there. we took the free class offered every Sunday before the show.

No experience is necessary, it's very basic.

It's funny and...continued

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Joanne Baniqued
Review from Joanne Baniqued
3 events 1 review

It's great for an intimate setting. I did not like that I came early so that all our friends can sit together and we weren't allowed in until 5 minutes before the show and we weren't able to sit together after all. Besides some awkward "comedic"...continued

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1 event 1 review

The improv group was very funny, entertaining and witty! We will definitely be back!

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Dan Gutman
Review from Dan Gutman
14 events 1 review

They tried, but they're just not very good. They need some YOUNG people to join the team. All of them seem to be 50+, and the "new guy" who was performing for the first time appeared to be 70 or older. He was awful.

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Very enjoyable

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Sofiya Masterovaya
Review from Sofiya Masterovaya
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Wanted to like it because I could see the comedians were trying hard to put on a good performance. However- it just was not fun or funny. I felt bad for bringing my date there. In addition the room was so cold that it was physically uncomfortable...continued

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