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Beth Stein
Review from Beth Stein
Red Velvet 69 events 30 reviews

We were not impressed with this venue. Also found the way they setup the admission/store/entry point sharing the same register was really problematic causing long lines and much confusion.

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A Goldstar Member
Review from A Goldstar Member
Red Velvet 142 events 29 reviews

Worth seeing at Goldstar price, some very interesting and humorous exhibits. Some parts could be a little better curated but for the most part well selected and presented. Tastefully done and comfortable environment to learn some facts about a...continued

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Nathaniel Hunter
Review from Nathaniel Hunter
Red Velvet 47 events 16 reviews

Nothing we did not know already.

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Priscilla Talbot
Review from Priscilla Talbot
110 events 75 reviews

enjoyed the newer additions still everything was tastefully done various levels with lots of stairs in between -problematic for those with canes or leg problems no refund/credit for non-attending guests-gave cash register ticket to "give"...continued

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Brian F.
Review from Brian F.
145 events 67 reviews

I was disappointed that one of my porn idols Vanessa del Rio was not featured. I did see the real doll and various toys.

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Brian F.
Review from Brian F.
145 events 67 reviews

many exhibits are not open during constuction

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World Traveler
Review from World Traveler
56 events 49 reviews

The most fascination exhibit is on the 3rd floor - about animal behavior/sexuality.
Some interesting statistics on human online sexual behavior.
Only need 1 - 1 1/2 hours maximum to go through the whole place.

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mary cerrone
Review from mary cerrone
67 events 44 reviews

It was interesting and fun, take my sister for her birthday.

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Victor Torres
Review from Victor Torres
70 events 38 reviews

My wife and I had a wonderful time. It was fun and educational at the same time. If you go you must ride the bike it was funny. the tip fell off and everyone started laughing. A must go.

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Thomasine Morales
Review from Thomasine Morales
49 events 37 reviews

It is what it is a museum, I don't know what I was expecting but I was bored with this..

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Review from PPH
41 events 29 reviews

LOL! This was a surprise "gift" for friends prior to the PRINCE concert. I wanted something "interesting" to kill some time before we went to dinner and the concert at Madison Square Garden. I remembered going to MoSex a couple years ago and as...continued

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Shenika Sharpe
Review from Shenika Sharpe
43 events 26 reviews

Very interesting but made dor good foreplay for me n the boyfriend. A great start to a perfect nite lol

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Lissette Vallejo
Review from Lissette Vallejo
61 events 25 reviews

Awful, why is the "museum" still around? It should be shut down for being so boring.

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Alexandra Vivanco
Review from Alexandra Vivanco
48 events 25 reviews

Had a good time, it was a good way to spend a Sunday afternoon. The museum seems smaller then i remember it, could be due to the construction going on. In all had a good time.

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Review from Marco
35 events 22 reviews

Something different like it

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Catharina V.
Review from Catharina V.
29 events 19 reviews

I have been to M of S before and it has been expanded and looks much better. There is still some work being done but it is still worth the trip.

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Catharina V.
Review from Catharina V.
29 events 19 reviews

The one major point I'd have to say about the museum is that it's constantly under construction and is seedy looking. I've been before and it's never completely finished. The second floor had only a partial exhibit.

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Review from Sensational
31 events 19 reviews

This is my second time going, they extended the museum and added a nice store downstairs. Still wish there was a bit more to the museum though. Maybe incorporating sex toys.

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Review from EBR
111 events 17 reviews

Glad we got the Goldstar discounted price, but truly, it wasn't even worth that. This museum could be so much better than it is. It's has very few exhibits and the special exhibit devoted tons of space to Linda Lovelace, and there wasn't much...continued

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Review from CityGirl
80 events 16 reviews

Thank You Goldstar! I recieved Comp tics for this museum and as such am very pleased. By the way, I had visited this museum 9+ years okay and since, it has expanded greatly. It's a novel museum worth checking out.
There are three sides to this...continued

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