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Julia Caesar
Review from Julia Caesar
23 events 11 reviews

It wasn’t great even a little boring it wasn’t bad either I learned a few things about the Earth ? but I would not have bought them if I knew that it was like this

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Karin Magnuson
Review from Karin Magnuson
30 events 6 reviews

Really enjoyed it. My friend and I are both in our 40s and went w/o kids and still found it really entertaining and educational. What a hidden gem. You can have a great Cuban meal at the restaurant in the same building.

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Charlene Albarran
Review from Charlene Albarran
22 events 6 reviews

Very interesting and well presented.

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W Lance Hunt
Review from W Lance Hunt
7 events 3 reviews

It's fun but aimed at kids. Not that there was not stuff to keep the adults engaged and I finally got a real chance to show my wife why going FASTER on a bike means you're less likely to tip over (it has to do with angular momentum), and there are...continued

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Bonnie Kane Barenholtz
Review from Bonnie Kane Barenholtz
4 events 3 reviews

this was a fabulous show. it is great for young and older.... the 'magician' is a charming guy with energy that never stops. he engages the audience...... but, only if you care to be engaged. he speAKS to the audience after with a gracious...continued

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Lala Pam
Review from Lala Pam
8 events 3 reviews

This was such a great show. The kids absolutely loved it!

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Review from PhantomPyxie
41 events 3 reviews

Very small "theater" but moving to a bigger space in early 2016. It was a fun and entertaining educational show. Wow, wish I'd had him as my physics professor in college - maybe I wouldn't have dropped the class. Definitely a kid-friendly show...continued

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Review from sweetcharity
27 events 2 reviews

So interesting and we learn so much.

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Arthur Walzer
Review from Arthur Walzer
6 events 2 reviews

So much physics, so many principles: hard to follow. But lots of lively fireworks and personable host and assistants.

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Thomas Gardner
Review from Thomas Gardner
3 events 2 reviews

Very informative and entertaining

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Eileen Langer
Review from Eileen Langer
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Review from Valentina
49 events 1 review

Excellent show we loved it definitely coming for another show that they have

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Ina Sinovoi
Review from Ina Sinovoi
1 event 1 review

Fabulous show! Kept our grandkids enthralled throughout.

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Kaisheng Hwang
Review from Kaisheng Hwang
3 events 1 review

Fits bigger kids...around 9 above..I think

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Heather Appelbaum
Review from Heather Appelbaum
1 event 1 review

Good for third graders

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Amy Kirshner
Review from Amy Kirshner
3 events 1 review

Great! Like your teachers coolest experiments!

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Review from Barry
11 events 1 review

The family loved it.

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Review from StephenJ
2 events 1 review

This is a really fun and educational show. Definitely recommend it!!!

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Lorraine Gudas
Review from Lorraine Gudas
1 event 1 review

This is a fantastic show. Very fast paced, interesting, and funny too. I recommend it highly for both children and adults!!

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Donna Weinstock
Review from Donna Weinstock
1 event 1 review

This show is absolutely worth seeing. It is extremely dynamic and will keep your attention throughout. Not only will you be entertained, you will learn many new things. Definitely a keeper.

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