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Christine Williams Coleman
Review from Christine Williams Coleman
Red Velvet 22 events 5 reviews

It was Great! I would definitely do it again!! We met at the bar and everyone in there was very friendly and ready to assist you. You are broken up into Teams of four and given a packet which you can't open until everyone receives it. You...continued

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Review from Jen
28 events 21 reviews

Well done! A fun day, despite bad weather...We laughed a lot and enjoyed the event. Well organized and structured. My one critique would be that sidebar was a less than ideal starting and finish spot, as the place was loud and packed with...continued

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Mary Lozada
Review from Mary Lozada
84 events 20 reviews

This was a cool scavenger hunt. You get several clues and you run around like a lunatic with a strategy!

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Harvey Messing
Review from Harvey Messing
31 events 18 reviews

I was unable to go on the scavenger hunt, even though I got at the meeting place at 12:35 p.m. for a 1 p.m. start. I do not have a smart phone, and according to the information sent to me just a few days before the event, I was supposed to tell...continued

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Review from Citygirl
13 events 11 reviews

Went with my 70+ year old parents. We had a great time. We ended up being the slowest team, but my parents (from upstate) loved the challenges and running around the city. The weather was fantastic and everyone was so friendly.

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Review from Paula
26 events 10 reviews

I think it was the most fun I have had chasing clues around NYC. Complete strangers are willing to help and help accomplish your tasks. Some of the contestant were a little hard-core but if you ignore them you can have an awesome time. I am...continued

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Sandra B.
Review from Sandra B.
16 events 10 reviews

Im sure this is much more fun in large teams and with someone who knows the in's & out's of the subways. It was just 2 people on my team (1 from out of town and I didnt know the subways that well nor am I familiar with lower Manhattan). On our...continued

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Review from Sheryl
20 events 9 reviews

In reading previous reviews I will be honest, I had mixed feelings on this Scavenger Hunt. Was it so unorganized and would I have a beverage to drink and something to eat while myself and my team member made it through the streets of...continued

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Suki Suki
Review from Suki Suki
27 events 9 reviews

So much fun. It was raining pretty bad but I loved it me and my daughter 13 had a awesome time we didn't win but we did pretty good for our first time we will definitely go to another one.

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Review from J
14 events 8 reviews

Fantastic and fun event. I would highly recommend this event.
My friend and I got a chance to make use of our New York knowledge and travel around Manhattan looking for clues. We met some wonderful and helpful people on our race.

I would...continued

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Veronica Manning
Review from Veronica Manning
16 events 8 reviews

It was alot of fun and I would definitely do it again. You are forced to interact with alot of strangers throughout the event which was challenging but also fun. There were alot of teams so you end up waiting around at the end but it wasn't too...continued

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Review from Allison
18 events 8 reviews

This was so much fun. We can't wait to do another one in the summer when the weather is warm. It is a unique and active event for singles and couples. I went with my boyfriend and we got a chance to meet some new people before and after while also...continued

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Saree in Paree
Review from Saree in Paree
10 events 7 reviews

So much fun (even with the rain!). We met a bar and from there, we were given our scavenger hunt list. All or so teams tore out of the bar on the mad hunt for our items (i.e A picture depicting each of the 12 days of Christmas, a picture of your...continued

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Review from Jeanieocampo
7 events 7 reviews

This race was such a blast!! We were running around like crazy all over the city taking pictures with strangers, going to different locations doing funny stunts. It was hilarious! I'm born and raised in NY and never experienced the city this way....continued

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Jenn H
Review from Jenn H
14 events 7 reviews

This was a great event!! I definitely would do this again!!

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Review from Shirley
10 events 7 reviews

We chased around the city trying to find a list of things to take a picture of with us in the picture. It was an absolute BLAST!!! The stories behind the pictures are better than the pictures themselves. The people in the city were great and...continued

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Maureen Touhey
Review from Maureen Touhey
13 events 7 reviews

We were celebrating my friends 26th birthday and we had so much fun. We met some interesting people who we will laughing about for years to come and went to some of our favorite NY landmarks.
We would def do this again.

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Review from Pearlquest
14 events 6 reviews

I suspected the crowd would be young and it surely was as most everyone was in their 20's and 30's. OK, I am 62 and suspected as much. The larger problem was that it seems most everyone came in prearranged groups which is odd for a singles event....continued

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Marla Cohen Senter
Review from Marla Cohen Senter
28 events 6 reviews

It was a fun day running around New York City. I would highly recommend it. The only thing I would have done different is divided my group into two different teams. It would have been more fun challenging people we knew. Oh, btw we won!!!!!

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Christine Morris
Review from Christine Morris
10 events 6 reviews

This event was tons of fun. I highly recommend comfy shoes and an extra cell phone battery. It also helps to map things out in the beginning as we ended up retracing our steps more than a few times. Knowing the area is a huge advantage but we...continued

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