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T. Braddox
Review from T. Braddox
Red Velvet 104 events 31 reviews

Good performance

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winston chow
Review from winston chow
79 events 46 reviews

I found the dialogue kind of weak. The play itself is ok.

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Doris Bostick
Review from Doris Bostick
50 events 21 reviews

The actors were great, it was surprising but plausible. Funny as well as sad and l loved the ending

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pearl Hopf
Review from pearl Hopf
276 events 18 reviews

Well act & written

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Sharon Fenster
Review from Sharon Fenster
97 events 14 reviews

Was very enjoyable. Got off to a slow start but rapidly improved and it was all uphill from there. I highly recommend it because the acting was good and the story very engaging.

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Review from Vj
36 events 8 reviews

All the performers were excellent.
I wish they would had been more specific about the number of stairs in their advertisement. I walk with a cane, walking up and down the stairs was difficult and painful.

You first walk up five steps to enter the...continued

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Roxanne Thompson
Review from Roxanne Thompson
115 events 7 reviews

Excellent show

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Ken Jones
Review from Ken Jones
24 events 7 reviews

This was a very entertaining play about race relations (complete with comic relief!). My compliments to the cast... they really brought this play to life!

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Ed Kurtzman
Review from Ed Kurtzman
24 events 6 reviews

"The Bigot" was probably one of the most predicable plays I've seen in a long time. The actors did a fine job with what they had to work with, and that was not much. Much of the book was repetitious and the ending was pure TV sitcom.

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Review from Awong
25 events 6 reviews

Excellent performance. Really talented cast. The father was such a great actor. I enjoyed the play tremendously.

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Jay B
Review from Jay B
11 events 5 reviews

The box office had our tickets ready and honored our special seating request. The play was fair. Stephen Payne is a fantastic actor, but the script was a bit light and fairly predictable. But a Goldstar price made this worth the evening out.

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Francesca Turchiano
Review from Francesca Turchiano
8 events 4 reviews

Steven Payne gives an awesome performance, along with three other strong, younger actors. The storyline is straightforward and strong. The play oughta tour in the states and cities most aligned with bigotry. It just might open minds.

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Juliana V. Atinaja
Review from Juliana V. Atinaja
17 events 3 reviews

Excellent acting. Wonderful plot.

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Kumiko Katayama
Review from Kumiko Katayama
10 events 3 reviews

No particular surprise effect.
One of the actress was difficult to understand...

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Review from Suzanne
9 events 2 reviews

Great acting. Steve Payne captured his role perfectly. Well written story that had dark moments and comedy. One of the best shows I have seen in a long while. A must see!

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Jason Walker
Review from Jason Walker
1 event 1 review

A moving and eye opening experience. Bigotry isn't always evident, but when it is, it is nasty. The message of love and kindness was delivered through persistence versus retaliation. Bravo!

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Harold B Harris
Review from Harold B Harris
2 events 1 review

This is a great one-act that anyone of just about any age can understand. There were no unbelievable personalities in the characters. The title character's explanation of civil rights history is exactly what white-supremacist bigotry offers the...continued

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