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Mom Dukes
Review from Mom Dukes
114 events 102 reviews

One word...HILARIOUS!!!!!! Plus the photo with the cast an added bonus..BRAVO Ladies...

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Review from Joe
114 events 49 reviews

great show
cant wait to go again

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Review from IM2Hawaiian
44 events 28 reviews

All the actors were great, but the Dorothy & Sophia actors were spot on. Dorothy was so realistic in the mannerisms & actions I thought Dorothy was there!
Even the fluffs & flubs were hilarious!!!

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Mark Lorner
Review from Mark Lorner
51 events 25 reviews

Fun show great impersonations !

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Review from Malv
37 events 23 reviews

It was a very funny 1 hour + show. The actors playing these roles are very talented, especially Blanche and Mama. Mama was a hoot. I would love to see his performance as Judy Garland. The only thing I didn't like was the seats. I could see fine...continued

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Francis Parker
Review from Francis Parker
22 events 13 reviews

Funniest show I've seen. The depictions of Sophia and Dorothy were especially on target. I hope to see it again.

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Kenneth Fox
Review from Kenneth Fox
39 events 13 reviews

Would recommend. Well done and campy; it's obvious that the cast have a great love for this iconic sitcom.

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Review from GBCBD
44 events 12 reviews

The Producer's Theater is very small; not a bad seat in the house. The show was very funny. They will also be having Golden Girls Halloween and Christmas shows. I hope Goldstar has tickets for those shows!!

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Review from S.H.
35 events 12 reviews

The show was hilarious!! Lots of laughter and fun! I loved it!!

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Cortney Thomas
Review from Cortney Thomas
13 events 11 reviews

From the moment we started singing the theme song, you feel like you are part of the play. Great acting and loved the improvisation. Had us laughing from the time we sat down until the time we left. Looking forward to the Halloween production. ...continued

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Review from DLM
27 events 10 reviews

Hysterically funny and entertaining.

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William Sacrey
Review from William Sacrey
23 events 9 reviews

A wonderful and very funny show. Don't miss I it, cast is very talented, writing is superb.

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Review from Kerri
28 events 9 reviews

It was fun enough. Thought the actors did a great job in the roles. Not much of a story-line but it was entertaining.

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Ronnie Larsen
Review from Ronnie Larsen
14 events 9 reviews

Peter Mac is so talented. His comic timing is impeccable. The audience were in hysterics and ate up every moment. All the performers seem to be having a blast and I laughed a lot. Go see it!

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Paul ennis
Review from Paul ennis
22 events 9 reviews

So much fun! If you are a fan of the show see this dun parody.

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Elaine M. White
Review from Elaine M. White
26 events 7 reviews

All the actors and performance were extraordinarily superb! Loved it. Was entirely absorbed, forgetting my problems. Will bring friends. I'm a new fan. Everyone friendly, welcoming..great energy. Thank you!

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Review from Betsy
26 events 6 reviews

I went to see the show for a friend’s birthday. We had a great time! The show was hilarious, the actor’s were talented, funny and gracious. The theater is an intimate and nice space. There’s a bar on site, with a pleasant owner and decently priced...continued

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Review from dalefried
8 events 6 reviews

It's a small theater and there are no assigned seats, but all seats are good. It was a cute show. I was a little disappointed that it was only 1 hour and 15 minutes long. Other than that, I really enjoyed the show.

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Chuck Palma
Review from Chuck Palma
47 events 6 reviews

The show was great , a lot of fun, Also went to see Peter as Judy Garland, that was even better, such talent ! One thing I might add for the management of the Producers Club, The air conditioning i that room was way to cold ( Both shows...continued

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C Mac
Review from C Mac
22 events 6 reviews

They were really spectacular. They are incredibly talented and full of life. Get ready to "blast to the past" We had a wonderful time!!!

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