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Karen O'Connor
Review from Karen O'Connor
Red Velvet 30 events 26 reviews

The Green Room is a great venue. The four performers had a lot of energy and put their hearts and souls into it. The brunch is a light one - pastries, croissants, cheese, salami and of course a Bloody Mary. It was followed by IRISH Coffee and then...continued

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Ian Lane
Review from Ian Lane
Red Velvet 90 events 21 reviews

One of the most entertaining and enjoyable experiences on Off-Broadway. The energetic and knowledgeable cast bring to life several important incidents from which the modern day brunch has evolved. This is the second time I have seen this day...continued

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Inna Malyar
Review from Inna Malyar
Red Velvet 31 events 15 reviews

My friend and I were excited! Funny, sharp, entertaining, and - surprise! - very informative! Talented cast and great drinks, all you could wish! Thank you.

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Review from VeeJay
143 events 125 reviews

Fun, fun, funny. This was a fun afternoon. They served nice sized drinks. I am not really a drinker but I wanted to go for the history and I thought it would be fun and it was. The performers were great. Very interactive. I tasted the bloody Mary,...continued

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Review from Siwckc
75 events 29 reviews

Had a really great time. The cast was awesome and so sweet. They really interacted with the audience. They are very talented and funny. And one is a little extra naughty. (And he knows it). This experience is not only fun, but educational. Who...continued

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Review from J A
33 events 21 reviews

The drinks made it all the more interesting and you learn a bit of history too. Worth a try, solo or with friends! NYC is the mecca for the unusual, entertaining and cool. This falls in those categories. Ha! I have my ticket for the evening show...continued

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Jodi Ryan
Review from Jodi Ryan
31 events 20 reviews

We really enjoyed the show! Fun afternoon learning about the origin of different drinks and having a chance to sample them.

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Kimbery M.
Review from Kimbery M.
87 events 17 reviews

This cast is perfect for this show. They're talented and keep the show quite interesting, informative and just plain fun... And then you get drinks. Quite interactive and a must do show. But be sure to eat enough in advance to keep pace with the 3...continued

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Review from JoeLNYC
19 events 11 reviews

Lots of fun, good drinks, good information and a very lively and likable cast. A great informal setting to meet or make friends.

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Sheila Karp
Review from Sheila Karp
20 events 8 reviews

Started slowly but when it found its feet was very enjoyable. Small theater so seats were great. Show actually came with 3 drinks, Bloody Mary, Irish Coffee and Mimosa.

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Review from Judy
16 events 5 reviews

I had so much fun the first time that I had to see it again. Very enjoyable show with some talented people. Who wouldn’t want to learn the history of booze while drinking booze?

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Review from Mojo
67 events 5 reviews

The drinks were great. The show...not so much. It had moments of cuteness, but was more often just a collection of poorly executed accents and hastily put on costumes. Every scene was either a barista or bartender explaining to a hapless customer...continued

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Review from Judy
16 events 5 reviews

This show is so fun that I’ve seen it 3 times. I keep taking my friends. Buying very inexpensive tickets for talented singers and day drinking? The value can’t be beat

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Review from Jase510
17 events 5 reviews

Very insightful as to all the things that a brunch is comprised about. If you’re a bloody mary drinker, this is a show for you. If you’re not, you’ll definitely enjoy the other 2 drinks.

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Review from ross
20 events 4 reviews

A lot of fun for everyone!!!

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Jean LaRue
Review from Jean LaRue
5 events 3 reviews

Cute and silly with some education thrown in! It seems that it was written, and should be seen, while tipsy. Fun time!

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Karann Pashkin
Review from Karann Pashkin
7 events 3 reviews

Interesting venue. Nice staff. The performers were very talented. But the actual story & songs were not very good. I could not recommend this event to anyone.

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Lorraine DiPietro
Review from Lorraine DiPietro
17 events 3 reviews

It was a BLAST! What a great excuse to do a little Day Drinking! We love brunch, had lots of fun. The cast was absolutely entertaining. Intimate and engaging. Totally interactive...loved ,loved, loved, the make-your-own Bloody Mary bar.

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Caron E Keyser
Review from Caron E Keyser
4 events 3 reviews

This is a delightful trip through the origins of the Bloody Mary, Irish Coffee, and the Belini which you get to sample. Fun story, we enjoyed the show.

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6 events 2 reviews

It was very entertaining. The cast was great. I liked the small intimate venue and was actually quite informative as well.

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