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Susan Duberstein
Review from Susan Duberstein
Red Velvet 46 events 14 reviews

Loved it. Haven't seen this production before and it really is lovely. We had dessert/cheese plate and coffee at the intermission which was a nice break.

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Review from Iamnycgirl
112 events 16 reviews

I enjoyed the opera; everyone onstage and in the orchestra were marvelous. The beverage voucher is a treat, you can use it for a sparkling wine or water. I love sitting in the rear orchestra. The only downside were the people sitting around me,...continued

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Richard Anton
Review from Richard Anton
23 events 11 reviews

The Met is great, and Goldstar making it more affordable is a total plus! (You can't go wrong at the Met...) : )

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Kara Attal
Review from Kara Attal
19 events 7 reviews

The show was amazing. The music and vocalists were beautiful. The story was hilarious!

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Review from ninjachugs
19 events 7 reviews

This was only the 2nd opera I've been to, and it was such an outstanding performance! The set was pretty impressive as well. One thing to note: it was 3-1/2 hours long with 1 intermission after the 2-hour mark (Act II of IV).

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Alexy Jesenia
Review from Alexy Jesenia
20 events 6 reviews
Heather Herron-Libson
Review from Heather Herron-Libson
22 events 5 reviews

The production was very accessible and the music/singing was lovely, as you would expect from The Met. I have four children, from 13 - 7, and they are very experienced with musical performances. Even for them, though, 3 hours 20 minutes is a bit...continued

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Review from Carol
16 events 3 reviews

Fabulous cast!!

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Patricia Zingsheim
Review from Patricia Zingsheim
26 events 3 reviews

Got tickets through Goldstar. Seats were the worst in the house, the very worst though there were many much better seats open.

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Review from Sjd85
6 events 2 reviews

Had a great time, beautiful set and show. Great surroundings and a free glass of sparking wine was a bonus! Great evening out for $25!

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Review from John
2 events 2 reviews

The Met is just breathtaking! The Opera was sensational! I hope to see my daughter perform on that stage someday! Perfect day!

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Gay Danna
Review from Gay Danna
8 events 1 review

It was good and well done, costumes were good in that they were relatively contemporary and the set were amazing. I liked that it ha a contemporary setting. Maybe I was tired, but it seemed very long... Over all it was very enjoyable.

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Ani Seritciyan
Review from Ani Seritciyan
3 events 1 review

It was pouring

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Marilyn Altamura-Attia
Review from Marilyn Altamura-Attia
3 events 1 review

Loved it, loved it, loved it!! The seats were great and the free beverage was an added plus! Thank you

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Casey Bond
Review from Casey Bond
1 event 1 review

Our first Mozart....and worth the wait!

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Whearty Jane
Review from Whearty Jane
0 events 1 review

Top class performance in a wonderful setting!

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