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Review from dancerzheart
Red Velvet 75 events 20 reviews

this was my 2nd time seeing this play. It is hysterical!! SLapstick humor monty python and fawlty towers type physical humor. Took my nephews this time as a gift we had 3rd row orchestra seats and loved it see it before it closes

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music diva
Review from music diva
258 events 100 reviews

Great performance.

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Bob Jackson
Review from Bob Jackson
203 events 94 reviews

Very funny throughout. Lots of very well done physical comedy. Enjoyed it a great deal.

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Review from Grooviness34
116 events 66 reviews

Very fun and funny show. I particularly liked the comic timing and choreography.

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Review from nicole
36 events 15 reviews

i laughed from beginning to end

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Paul Stonkus
Review from Paul Stonkus
44 events 14 reviews

If you like Monty Python- this one's for you!

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Kenneth Fox
Review from Kenneth Fox
43 events 13 reviews

A funny romp.....

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Review from Annford
46 events 13 reviews

Have been to this show twice now.. love taking people that I know have a great sense of humor.

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Jennifer Waldman Gross
Review from Jennifer Waldman Gross
18 events 12 reviews

Absolutely hilarious show!
One of my favorite theater venues in the city.
Non stop laughs and great seats!

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Review from Maryann
27 events 9 reviews

Had a great time!!! This my 3rd time seeing it with friends, and I laughed as much as I did the first time.

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Stephanie Gould
Review from Stephanie Gould
40 events 9 reviews

Hilarious!! Laughed the entire time!

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Amy Plummer
Review from Amy Plummer
25 events 9 reviews

This was hilarious, a must see! There was plenty of physical comedy woven into a perfectly ridiculous plot. Everything about the play was so intentional and I am here for it. I will see it again, probably even more than once!

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Kirk Dangler
Review from Kirk Dangler
20 events 8 reviews

Delightfully ABSURD!

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Debra Elliott
Review from Debra Elliott
23 events 8 reviews

This play was hilarious. Each performer was professional and so funny. It amazed me, it felt so real. I loved it and I’ll recommend to everyone that is looking for a play where you laugh so hard you’re off your seat

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Susan Spinella
Review from Susan Spinella
101 events 7 reviews

Sooo funny! Most we've laughed in years

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Review from Ed
33 events 6 reviews

A funny show...laughed all night

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Yoko Suzuki
Review from Yoko Suzuki
18 events 6 reviews

best play I've seen this year!!

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Review from patti
28 events 6 reviews

Great! Funny, funny, funny!

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Review from Lc
8 events 6 reviews

I appreciated the precise choreography. The story line was mottled, for a murder mystery.
Overall it is as too slap stick for me.
The rest of the audience was enthralled.
Great work by cast!

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Review from Kathy
25 events 6 reviews

Laughed out loud from beginning to the end. Brought my husband to New York for his 60th Birthday. He never laughs out loud when he sees a show, but he did with this one. Excellent cast! Everyone was hilarious. Recommending to friends that will...continued

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