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Margaret cohen
Review from Margaret cohen
Red Velvet 5 events 3 reviews

Our problem was the lady in front of me who brought 2 large pillows from home and completely obstructived the view. After she added her coat at intermission l finally leaned over a d her response was l'm comfortable, live with it ! This of...continued

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Sandie Rothschild
Review from Sandie Rothschild
Red Velvet 26 events 1 review
music diva
Review from music diva
215 events 93 reviews

A MUST SEE. Great show.

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music diva
Review from music diva
215 events 93 reviews

Great musical.

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mary cerrone
Review from mary cerrone
63 events 42 reviews

Very Funny and enjoyable. You want to laugh see this funny show.

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Review from S.H.
34 events 11 reviews

Was laughing the entire time!! Fabulous music, dancing and energy!! Cast was amazing!!

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William Sacrey
Review from William Sacrey
23 events 9 reviews

Wonderful uplifting show. Great story, dancing, and sets. A must see.

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Carol Goldberg
Review from Carol Goldberg
13 events 5 reviews

Before I bought tickets and then entered the theatre, I did not know the story behind the play.
The story of being gay in any high school is very relevant today. The plot was well presented. The cast was wonderful. The music and dancing was just...continued

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Adele Lemlek
Review from Adele Lemlek
5 events 3 reviews

I loved the show! The acting, singing and dancing were great! So contemporary and funny and poignant.

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Review from Consumerguy
5 events 3 reviews

The first third of the show was hilarious. As it went on the laughs tapered off a bit as the message of acceptance of a person's individuality more and more prevailed.
The comedy did continue but not at the same level.
The music and dance numbers...continued

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Rebecca Lax
Review from Rebecca Lax
2 events 2 reviews

Such a great show! I laughed a lot, great acting, enjoyable music, and just an overall fun show. Hope everyone goes to see it!

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
5 events 1 review

Funny and fun!

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
1 event 1 review

Great musical and dance numbers, touching story but funny too. Just a good old fashion Broadway musical.

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