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Margaret cohen
Review from Margaret cohen
Red Velvet 10 events 7 reviews

Our problem was the lady in front of me who brought 2 large pillows from home and completely obstructived the view. After she added her coat at intermission l finally leaned over a d her response was l'm comfortable, live with it ! This of...continued

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Winifred Reed
Review from Winifred Reed
Red Velvet 14 events 6 reviews

This show Deserved it's Tony Award. The story plot's very today. Not preachy, some really good laughs. Fab acting.

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Sandie Rothschild
Review from Sandie Rothschild
Red Velvet 25 events 1 review
music diva
Review from music diva
236 events 97 reviews

A MUST SEE. Great show.

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music diva
Review from music diva
236 events 97 reviews

Great musical.

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mary cerrone
Review from mary cerrone
65 events 44 reviews

Very Funny and enjoyable. You want to laugh see this funny show.

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Callista Bessellieu
Review from Callista Bessellieu
62 events 41 reviews

Awesome Acting! Inspiring Play! So GOOD!

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Review from Malv
37 events 23 reviews

The show was very uplifting and deserves all the Tony nominations it received. I really hope that Caitlin Kinnunen (Emma) wins as she was very good ,although and it's her first time being nominated and she's up against a cast member!. Hate when...continued

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Review from tosha
53 events 18 reviews

I’m so in harmony with it’s general philosophy I wanted to love it more than I did. It’s very sweet-hearted but I did feel a bit hammered by the message since I already agreed with it. A better musical score and a softer touch might have gone a...continued

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Review from S.H.
35 events 12 reviews

Was laughing the entire time!! Fabulous music, dancing and energy!! Cast was amazing!!

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Review from shrek
34 events 10 reviews

Great upbeat show about the issues if being an LGBTQ young person 8n a closed minded world.Wonderful performances.

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Carolyn Soos Kolesar
Review from Carolyn Soos Kolesar
14 events 9 reviews

The play was good, acting was terrific and singing was super!! I did not like my seat in the balcony and will never choose that location again, it was very high up with not much room to get into you seat without nearly stepping on someones toes!!...continued

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William Sacrey
Review from William Sacrey
23 events 9 reviews

Wonderful uplifting show. Great story, dancing, and sets. A must see.

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Maria Zito-Amato
Review from Maria Zito-Amato
26 events 8 reviews

it was great show. i

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Review from Alice
21 events 8 reviews

Just loved this show. The performances are funny and relatable and heartbreaking all at the same time

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Marilyn Rauchberg
Review from Marilyn Rauchberg
12 events 8 reviews

Very entertaining & a lot of fun. Great dancing & singing. Sat in mezzanine & was able to see stage easily.

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Nicholas Alexander Brown
Review from Nicholas Alexander Brown
7 events 7 reviews

Fantastic show—great music, performances, and production design. Powerful message. Lots of laughs and tears!

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Carol Goldberg
Review from Carol Goldberg
13 events 5 reviews

Before I bought tickets and then entered the theatre, I did not know the story behind the play.
The story of being gay in any high school is very relevant today. The plot was well presented. The cast was wonderful. The music and dancing was just...continued

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Gail Bookman
Review from Gail Bookman
39 events 5 reviews

wish it wasn't closing. would see it again!!

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Chris Helen
Review from Chris Helen
15 events 4 reviews


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