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Deborah R. Clark
Review from Deborah R. Clark
Red Velvet 211 events 134 reviews

I had an excellent time aboard the Ride. I had fun sitting there from start to finish riding around Manhattan. I would do it again seeing the reaction of the outsiders looking in and interacting. Especially when we arrived back at 42nd Street...continued

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Priscilla Talbot
Review from Priscilla Talbot
111 events 76 reviews

very disappointed that the Christmas and Halloween Rides were not significantly different from the regular rides. each time I went, I took a friend who agreed to go because I had raved about the summer ride I took in 2013 with a friend sorry I...continued

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Review from DEBBIE
44 events 35 reviews

Entertaining, but would not pay full price.

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Review from Eglenn11
126 events 29 reviews

A lot of fun, very funny tour guides but it was only worth the discounted admission. I would have never paid full price for it.

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Review from D
55 events 19 reviews

Great way to see NYC. Highly recommended and fun.

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Taniusha Papusha
Review from Taniusha Papusha
23 events 16 reviews

Funny, entertaining...

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Review from CityGirl
80 events 16 reviews

Tour was unique and entertaining. However, the sight seeing was limited and the entertainment was more times than not, simply silly. In my opinion, experience is not worth more than $35, no where near full cost. At the right price, I would...continued

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Andrew Carlos Teie
Review from Andrew Carlos Teie
34 events 12 reviews

Pretty funny guides, loved the interactive actors on the street, wished it had gone to more different locations around Manhattan. But definitely recommend!

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David Tonkowich
Review from David Tonkowich
21 events 10 reviews

We had fun, worth doing!

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Stan Garelik
Review from Stan Garelik
18 events 9 reviews

Gosh this was fun! Not your typical sit in a bus and enjoy the sights. More of a traveling show where you are part of the performance. The people I took were very wary...at first. But within 5 minutes they were really into it! Don't want to say...continued

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F.C. Cox
Review from F.C. Cox
21 events 9 reviews

NEVER went.....epic fail. Company unorganized and too busy! Waited in line for an hour and never got on the bus!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review from Faina
63 events 6 reviews

Excellent experience, must try.

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Review from Beeners
9 events 6 reviews

what a different sort of entertainment.. the staff was funny and kept us all laughing thru the whole experience.

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Nancy Lee
Review from Nancy Lee
13 events 5 reviews

Very funny and fun even for a native new yorker ! Comfortable and on time ! Please be advised , the kiosk to pick up tickets is on the left when you walk into madame tussads! Do not wait on the long rude citysights bus ticket line !

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Miriam Loperfido
Review from Miriam Loperfido
5 events 4 reviews

I went with my two sons and they enjoyed the Ride. They had my boys engaged and my younger son won a prize. Fun and interesting and hope to do it again!

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Joel Kellner
Review from Joel Kellner
8 events 3 reviews

Only for the out-of-towner. DO NOT PAY FULL PRICE - - - this 75-minute attraction is simply not worth it.

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Review from Marty
32 events 3 reviews

We had such a wonderful time! The hosts were fun and engaging and really energetic. The bus itself is amazing and so much fun to ride on. Its unlike any bus you have been on. Its truly state of the art...Be prepared for alot of unexpected...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
4 events 2 reviews

I was OK but I felt we just went around a few blocks

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Review from MarineGirl405
6 events 2 reviews

It's more than a little cheesy - but if you let yourself into the spirit you will certainly have fun.

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Donna Mattson
Review from Donna Mattson
7 events 2 reviews

Loud music, pulsing lights, and silliness. Not a real tour of the city. Disappointing.

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