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H. Gold
Review from H. Gold
Red Velvet 693 events 218 reviews

One of the best performances we ever attended!! We absolutely loved it!! The cast and music ensemble were outstanding: Taylor-Rey Rivera (as Dorothy), Derrick Montalvado (as Scarecrow) and A.J. Acevedo (as Oz) gave especially amazing performances,...continued

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Jerry Davis
Review from Jerry Davis
Red Velvet 390 events 217 reviews

Cute children's play but funny enough for adults glad I saw good singing

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Monique Garcia
Review from Monique Garcia
Red Velvet 84 events 22 reviews

I enjoyed the show very much. My daughter loved it.

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Review from Trudy
Red Velvet 33 events 1 review

It was fantastic. The group loved it. We had a great time. Going again soon to see other productions.

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Review from VeeJay
142 events 125 reviews

I really enjoyed this show and I did not take a youngster with me. The singing was great. The performers did a great job. The costumes were well done. I am a true fan of the Wizard of Oz and as a child it was a family event to watch the Wizard of...continued

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Mom Dukes
Review from Mom Dukes
131 events 109 reviews

It was a FABULOUS show...Highly recommend!!! All the actors/actresses were AMAZING!!! It was funny too as the scarecrow and lion kept us laughing...Also it was wonderful after the show that Dorothy and the Scarecrow took the time to take...continued

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Mom Dukes
Review from Mom Dukes
131 events 109 reviews

It was absolutely fabulous...Very good acting..and the Scarecrow well he was so HILARIOUS!!! I'm just upset I did not bring my 8 year old granddaughter..she would have LOVED it!

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Priscilla Talbot
Review from Priscilla Talbot
111 events 76 reviews

took a friend who wanted to see this production after I took her to see her for their Christmas production . We had premium seats and were centrally located. the actors and actresses were superb as always and actually had a new spin on the...continued

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Review from Sara
136 events 48 reviews

I enjoyed the musical play format and the actors were very good. Also, the live music was great.

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Review from mark
36 events 32 reviews

My grandchildren loved it. The seats were not the most comfortable, but the production was very enjoyable.

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Lissette Vallejo
Review from Lissette Vallejo
62 events 25 reviews

A phenomenal show!! No spoilers but this is a must see!

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Sandra Davis
Review from Sandra Davis
33 events 25 reviews

Was able to find parking. The play was well done. The music was wonderful , actors were great

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Review from Joyo
38 events 21 reviews

It was entertaining and family-friendly.

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Doris Bostick
Review from Doris Bostick
50 events 21 reviews

The cast was very talented - they made the best with what they had

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Laura P.
Review from Laura P.
25 events 17 reviews

The show was amazing! A good time was had by all. The cast was engaging, fun and generous to stay behind to pose for photos with the audience.

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Kimbery M.
Review from Kimbery M.
87 events 17 reviews

Took my daughter and her dad to see this and I'm so glad I did. Thought an hour wouldn't be enough but it was perfect. The characters played multiple parts and were witty and funny. Dorothy could sing her butt off and I even told her so when it...continued

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Laetitia Donnet
Review from Laetitia Donnet
47 events 12 reviews

What a great show for big kids and little kids alike!!

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Larry harrison
Review from Larry harrison
24 events 9 reviews

Actors were fantastic, even though there was limited stage props the production made me feel as if I was really in OZ.


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Joan O'Farkel
Review from Joan O'Farkel
25 events 9 reviews

The characters were each played by just the right person. That was remarkable. My favorite one was the Tinman. He sounded like Jason Robards. My second favorite was the Scarecrow. They were both very talented. The entire cast, including the...continued

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Review from Ro
16 events 8 reviews

Although I was late and missed the first 18 mins I enjoyed the show greatly. I even shared the show and it’s location while I had my taxes done, with a woman who had two grandchildren. The cast was great but that scarecrow was hilarious, dramatic...continued

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