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Review from AntoinetteL
Red Velvet 16 events 7 reviews

This was a great show for both families and individuals. Lots of fun and amazing treats! Kent was fantastic and worth seeing again. My only problem are the 2 item minimum that is forced. The drinks are horrendously priced high and the food is...continued

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Ray Ray
Review from Ray Ray
Red Velvet 46 events 3 reviews

Wasn't too bad, two drink minimum per person sucks though, so if you aren't ready to spend $$- $$$ don't go.

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Caesar A. Mendez
Review from Caesar A. Mendez
73 events 53 reviews

Well it was only a 10 dollar show; an hour long, 2 acts a magician & a mentalist, no host to get the crowd excited. The 2 performers did the best they could with the audience that they got. The audience was a little less than half the 'house' (it...continued

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Victor Torres
Review from Victor Torres
58 events 35 reviews

Show was good. Just be careful about the extra charge per person for the $10.00 tickets. I ended up paying a total of $75.00!

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Review from Maria
101 events 32 reviews

A fun night out!

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Kimbery M.
Review from Kimbery M.
86 events 17 reviews

Show was good, magicians were also funny. Saved the best guy Matias from Chile for last. Went with a friend and my just turned 9 year old b/c she had no school the next day. There's a 2-item min. that's adhered to so be ready to spend between...continued

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Review from dancerzheart
62 events 17 reviews

took my nephew an we had a great time!Funny talented magician, illusionist and mentalist named KENT
How they get you is on the 2 drink minimum. They start at 5 but we had shirley temples and sodas and it came to 30 something and with the gratuity...continued

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Diana Medina
Review from Diana Medina
36 events 14 reviews

The show was great. The venue was ok. the food was terrible and over priced as were the drinks. I expected to pay higher prices it being Time Square however this was ridiculous.

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Review from cmac923
37 events 13 reviews

First performer really did amaze me with his spoon bending illusions. The second performer was too low energy. A bit boring.

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Review from cmac923
37 events 13 reviews

Nice intimate setting. Good interaction with the crowd. Two of the five comedians-lets put it this way-I could have done a better job. I won't mention any names. But, they shouldn't give up their day jobs. The two drink minimum averaged about $25.

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Ardella Eagle
Review from Ardella Eagle
25 events 7 reviews

Maybe I'm jaded and expect professionalism. Maybe I expect to be offered what's advertised. The show is billed as a magic show, I expect "magic", not a mentalist who does one one rope trick and one paper bag trick. I understand that there a...continued

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Ohr Z
Review from Ohr Z
24 events 5 reviews

The show was amateur at best and the minimum 2 item purchase was absurdly overpriced. It’s just a tourist trap. Avoid at all cost.

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Barry Goldband
Review from Barry Goldband
6 events 3 reviews

Brought my grandsons. Both went on stage. They loved experience. Only draw back was price of drinks. Would do it again.

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Review from Kerliene
10 events 3 reviews

Great Performers! 4drinks for child and parent! Too much for such a short time walked in when other patrons were in heated discussion over this very issue "show me the fine print the angry would be patron said before management dismissed them

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Review from Sorrell
6 events 3 reviews

IT was AMAZING!!! Absolutely love the magician. It was better than the comedy show.

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Review from Monica
22 events 3 reviews

REALLY REALLY slow. We left!

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Mary A Wilkinson
Review from Mary A Wilkinson
6 events 2 reviews

Did not realize there was a two drink minimum and the family in front of left because of that reason. He was entertaining and did the Houdini Needles on Thread trick. He was pretty impressive with some of the sleight-of-hand and misdirection. Wish...continued

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Review from paula
4 events 2 reviews

Entertaining, more illusions/mindreading.. audience participation.. really fun.

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Review from Angie
9 events 2 reviews

It was definitely not a good experience. The water was 5 dollars each. mandatory 1 item to purchase for everyone . 7 waters@5 plus tax came up to 48 dollars. Wow too much. The show was very pre school ish. Would not recommend. The kids didn't...continued

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Review from Elaine
21 events 2 reviews

So fun and funny! Had a great time!

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