West village food history tour 920
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Katrien Damman
Review from Katrien Damman
Red Velvet 58 events 8 reviews

Adam was the perfect guide!
Very knowledgeable and he showed us things we would never have found on our own! Yummy foods along the way!

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Misa Sugui
Review from Misa Sugui
400 events 282 reviews

It was a great way to get to know Greenwich Village. It was raining, but we walked around listening to the history, stories, and tasted bits and pieces of local flavors. The highlights were artichoke pizza and cupcake. We had 6 small (except...continued

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Review from EmDub
58 events 36 reviews

We arrived just a minute before the tour time, but the tour had already left, apparently a few minutes early. Funny that they would leave early when several reservations had not checked in. We had to go through an extraordinary effort of phone...continued

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Review from DLM
28 events 10 reviews

Very nice tour. Totally worth doing. My only criticism is that the guide frequently started talking before everyone arrived at a stop. Other than that, Sharee was fun and engaging.

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Laura Marie
Review from Laura Marie
44 events 7 reviews

Dante ws a great tour guide. He knew the history of the West Village and shared many interesting facts which made it easier to explore the area. You will not be hungry when the tour is over. Aritichok Pizza was incredible. Make sure that you try...continued

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Review from Skippy
12 events 6 reviews

Adam took us to little known nooks of West Village and Greenwich that we would never have found on our own. He focused on food shops owned by locals and knew them and their histories personally. He was knowledgeable, gregarious, knew how to...continued

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Review from Dale
10 events 6 reviews

An excellent tour with many delicious food tastings. Matt Kelsey was a wonderful, personable, & very knowledgeable guide. Thank you Matt for giving us a fun day! I hope so see you at another of yourSidewalk Food Tours!

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Pat Edwards
Review from Pat Edwards
9 events 6 reviews

Great tour with Matt. He was personable and knowledgeable. Would go again. Food delicious

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Review from Dinita
15 events 6 reviews

The tour was great, Dante gave us great information about the area and had water bottles for all the attendees. He has a cheerful personality and great knowledge about the area and INY in general. Overall it was a great experience, the food...continued

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Review from Barbara
12 events 5 reviews

Dante was a great guide. So much food! We were stuffed..... Thanks for a fabulous day

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Cynthia Talbot
Review from Cynthia Talbot
32 events 5 reviews

Great tour with fun information. Good food. Tour guide was knowledgeable and interesting.

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Diane Lankton
Review from Diane Lankton
6 events 5 reviews

It was a great time! Dante was knowledgeable, funny and the consummate entertainer. The restaurants we stopped at were fantastic and I have added them to my list of restaurants I would definitely go to again. I highly recommend taking the tour!!

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Review from Barbara
12 events 5 reviews

Thank you, Dante!!!

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Andrea Wenz
Review from Andrea Wenz
11 events 5 reviews

The only way it could have been better is if it had been longer. Perfect size - 12-14 people, good food and great history.

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Review from Barbara
12 events 5 reviews

We had a great time. Dante was so knowledgeable!

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14 events 4 reviews

Awesome tour. Make sure you don't have lunch plans, the food is fantastic!

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Review from Kerry
30 events 4 reviews

Awesome! Sherie was terrific -- she loves this area and is full of great information. She was flexible when the pizza wasn't ready, always put us in the shade when she talked (on this 95+ degree New York day), and took good care of the group (NO...continued

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Review from BROADWAY
15 events 4 reviews

The tour was a # 10! I learned a lot of interesting things and tasted wonderful food. I had the best pizza, bagel and rice ball. I will go back to enjoy the foods again.

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Review from Sarah
10 events 4 reviews

This food tour was the most amazing experience ever!! My boyfriend and I went to New York in December for the first time and we came across this tour and it sounded very fun and interesting and we decided to go for it! Our tour guide, Ian was very...continued

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Review from jmorris
6 events 3 reviews

I didn't know quite what to expect but it was actually very good. The tour guide was knowledgeable and pointed out some very interesting thing about the neighborhood and buildings along the way. The food was enjoyable and the vendors were...continued

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