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Winifred Reed
Review from Winifred Reed
Red Velvet 37 events 18 reviews

It was a very intimate show. But that's what made it so fantastic! this couple told it like it is like it was and what it should be. So fun! Whether you're single coupled up, booed up, or anything in between this is something you should see. Lots...continued

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Review from Stephanie101631
Red Velvet 17 events 3 reviews

I loved loved loved this event it was sooo funny ! Trust I didn’t even know if I was going to make it out but I’m so very glad I did . It really center’s in on race, sex, and acceptance of oneself . They are such a darling couple . GO TO THIS SHOW...continued

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Felicia Cordovano
Review from Felicia Cordovano
Red Velvet 74 events 1 review

Funny but also opens (ones minds )ones way of thinking !!!

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Review from VeeJay
142 events 125 reviews

What a cute couple. Seems like a successful marriage. I like their story and I like how they interact with each other. I had a good time at their show. This is my second time seeing one of their shows and I enjoyed both.

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Caesar A. Mendez
Review from Caesar A. Mendez
87 events 61 reviews

I’ve seen their performances before but many years ago. They did take bits from those previous shows; but it’s mostly about being an aging interracial/inter religion couple. Their performance style still works.

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Review from divergal
249 events 44 reviews

Hilarious, witty, at times serious, but all for good reason. I left feeling both uplifted and enlightened.

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Victor Torres
Review from Victor Torres
75 events 39 reviews

Had a wonderful time. Would go see play again.

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Jennifer Mohamed
Review from Jennifer Mohamed
86 events 39 reviews

This is the second show I've seen of this couple. I saw them a long time ago with my mom and boyfriend and they are still just as funny. It had a lot of political and religious topics that I wasn't expecting, but it still fit well with the show.

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Florence Arnow
Review from Florence Arnow
93 events 37 reviews

Get to hear things people only think about but never say.
So funny,real,and fresh.I related to it.

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Review from Valerie
71 events 29 reviews

Mostly shocking, but there were some funny moments. I guess the best way I can put it is that I like the couple’s performance and the way they work together. There is also an enlightening history between them, but nonetheless it wasn’t quite what...continued

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Basil Chapman
Review from Basil Chapman
111 events 27 reviews

It was very good and funny. My wife and I had went together. They did a great job. They made you laugh, they interacted with the audience and we enjoyed it.

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Review from Musiclady1
106 events 26 reviews

very engaging couple, but so many biased political statements could have been avoided.

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Review from roni
62 events 25 reviews

The casting couple were interesting, funny & very candid about the reality of their inter-racial relationship. Intimate setting, for mature audiences.

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Review from J A
34 events 22 reviews

Loved! I laughed...wishing this duo all the best. This is why I like visiting NYC. If you are uptight don't go...no, go to loosen your tight behind. LOL

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Review from Realcharacter
97 events 18 reviews

I enjoyed it the language was a little crued but it was a very funny performance.

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Kimbery M.
Review from Kimbery M.
87 events 17 reviews

They were funny and real and boy do I hope they keep it going. I really enjoyed this event. It was different. Can't really call it a comedy although it had funny moments. There were audience participation portions. There was singing. I guess I'd...continued

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M.Gloria M
Review from M.Gloria M
30 events 11 reviews

Great experience, great couple and comedians! Highly recommend!

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Review from hawkeye
58 events 9 reviews

One of the funniest shows I have seen in the last 10 years. They had the whole audience involved and laughing with them. They had a genuine affection for each other that came across with warmth and sincerity. I expect to recommend the show to my...continued

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FP Tron
Review from FP Tron
66 events 8 reviews

Absolutely Amazing!!

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Review from Vj
27 events 8 reviews

Engaging, funny, informative, and creative. I encouraged my friends to go see.
I will see it again!

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