1500328092 epstein and hassan   what you can and cannot say during interracial sex tickets
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Leonardo Cisero
Review from Leonardo Cisero
15 events 6 reviews

Highly entertaining. Highly thought provoking. Highly unique.
Go see this very special piece of theater. It's a true NYC gem!

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Goldielocks Marie
Review from Goldielocks Marie
19 events 6 reviews

Loved the Interaction with the audience. It felt intimate like I just met a bunch of new friends

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Review from Noeh
13 events 5 reviews

Hilarious, funny, touching, deep...
We felt so many emotions during the whole show.
Above all, we laughed to death!
Moreover, I can honestly say that Epstein and Hassan made me feel free and helped me see my inner light again.
Thank you,...continued

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Review from BronxMama
7 events 5 reviews

I missed this particular show but I have seen this couple many times before. They are hilarious!!! Hassan has such a beautiful singing voice. She reminds me of Anita Baker. The theatre is small but an intimate setting. Casual dress is fine unless...continued

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Jenny Chen
Review from Jenny Chen
31 events 5 reviews

Laughing all the way; great audience interactions, both actors were extremely entertaining with humorous contents. Highly recommended!!!

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Jeannie Morezzi
Review from Jeannie Morezzi
11 events 5 reviews

When they stuck to the gist of the show, it was fun and funny. When they invariably went down the political rabbithole, it sucked. I am sick and tired of EVERYTHING being politicized. Its like a contagious disease. Enough already. No one gives a...continued

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Lukas Karel Prokes
Review from Lukas Karel Prokes
58 events 4 reviews

An unexpectedly wonderful show. Shocking and insightful, it was reflective and downright hilarious. Heartwarming, honest and refreshing outlook on relationships, sex, religion, and racism. Must see!

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Lorraine DiPietro
Review from Lorraine DiPietro
19 events 4 reviews

We found ourselves thoroughly entertained by the frank and candid conversation going on. Epstein and Hassan make a wonderful couple who's time has come. Have a glass of wine and prepare to blush, laugh out loud and roflmao!

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Review from Raj
44 events 3 reviews

Hilarious and super honest show that really makes you think and reflect!

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Review from Stephanie101631
17 events 3 reviews

I loved loved loved this event it was sooo funny ! Trust I didn’t even know if I was going to make it out but I’m so very glad I did . It really center’s in on race, sex, and acceptance of oneself . They are such a darling couple . GO TO THIS SHOW...continued

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Review from TPinc143
18 events 3 reviews

Raunchy, raw, interactive, HILARIOUS!! I almost fell off my chair from laughing so hard.

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Jen Cummings
Review from Jen Cummings
8 events 3 reviews

Stellar couple - humorous, intelligent, engaged and engaging, honest and passionate about creating the world they want to see. Can’t wait to see them again!

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Arlene Jones
Review from Arlene Jones
7 events 3 reviews

The venue was not what I expected but it was a decent space for the show. I enjoyed the content, didn't expect the audience interaction and thought it put people on the spot but the crowd I was in was participatory....I took my daughter with me as...continued

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Review from MamaTrauma
19 events 3 reviews

They were very funny and original but sometimes he strayed from the comedy to lecture about politics which would always hurt the pacing. Warning: it’s on the 3rd floor without a working elevator.

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Helianis Quijada Salazar
Review from Helianis Quijada Salazar
6 events 3 reviews

Very funny! Definitely more of blunt crude humor than intellectual/witty humor

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Annette Pollock
Review from Annette Pollock
6 events 2 reviews

Absolutely LOVED it! They touched on serious topics with a comedic twist, they were loving, honest, inappropriate (in a good way) and very entertaining I would highly recommend it! Love love love!!!

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Alexandra Chambers Robbins
Review from Alexandra Chambers Robbins
3 events 2 reviews

Great couple! Great content and energy, I laughed and really enjoyed the show!

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Robin Miles Brown
Review from Robin Miles Brown
5 events 2 reviews

Hassan and Epstein put on a wonderful show. It's Engaging, Entertaining and they fill the room with Laughter from
beginning to end. Going back again and again....

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Candice Golden
Review from Candice Golden
7 events 2 reviews

Hilarious, honest, and even enlightening! As a black woman in a long-term relationship with a white man I was able to relate in so many ways, but I would recommend for any couple/group!

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Steve Adubato
Review from Steve Adubato
5 events 2 reviews

I enjoyed the show overall. At the end, Hassan opened her heart about the pain and suffering she and blacks have endured. Although it was very touching, I felt it didn't fit into the "comedy" show that was provided. Yes, very relevant, but it...continued

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