1500328092 epstein and hassan   what you can and cannot say during interracial sex tickets
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Review from Kurt
3 events 2 reviews

I would see this again , no question ! Insightful and important dialogue, super funny as well.

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Ivette Ruiz
Review from Ivette Ruiz
8 events 2 reviews

Omg loved it those two are hilarious I laughed so hard I really needed that

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Meliza Jacob
Review from Meliza Jacob
8 events 2 reviews

This show was hysterical and real. They touched on the topics of sex, race and religion - three topics that are extremely sensitive in our society. I think their sharing and solicitation of open dialogue was a positive thing, though it makes...continued

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Kathleen Priest
Review from Kathleen Priest
6 events 2 reviews

Very unique theatrical experience, part comedy, part improv, part political commentary part group therapy. Raw and authentic. As part of an interracial couple, I found the performance to be validating and inspiring while still being good...continued

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Laura Ali
Review from Laura Ali
13 events 2 reviews

Wow! What a performance! I have seen this event posted for over a year now and wasn’t sure what to expect. Can I say I was blown away by this performance!? These two have great on-stage chemistry that truly engages their audience, although it is...continued

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Julianna Savino
Review from Julianna Savino
5 events 2 reviews

Wow. Just Wow! This was one of the MOST fun nights my boyfriend and I had in a long time of seeking something simple and COOL to do/see! This pair is AUTHENTIC... they are not the typical sell-outs; They say what they want, they are truly...continued

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Paul Maldonado
Review from Paul Maldonado
12 events 1 review

Awesome and funny material. Must see. Love then.

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Rachael Holder
Review from Rachael Holder
1 event 1 review

Brilliant. Unexpected. They should be on HBO.

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Stella Guan
Review from Stella Guan
13 events 1 review

Come alone, with friends or your significant other! Either way, you'll laugh your ass off at the couple's raw and honest take on sex and sexuality. I've never genuinely laugh so hard at a comedy show and not even once feel offended. I've been to...continued

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Review from Edwin
6 events 1 review

Funny and informative

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Marie Phillips
Review from Marie Phillips
1 event 1 review

Funny, genuine and performers interacted so well with the audience

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Pat Bond Acropolis
Review from Pat Bond Acropolis
6 events 1 review

Funny. I loved the interaction with audience! The 3 F's. But mostly, I loved their love ! I would see it again!

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Joanne Ungar
Review from Joanne Ungar
1 event 1 review

Go! See this show! It's very lol funny. It's not at all what I expected - it's not your standard comedy routine. Yes, it's funny, but there is also a theatrical element and some audience participation. It's not enough audience participation to...continued

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Shanna McEachern
Review from Shanna McEachern
14 events 1 review

Great for an evening of open, honest candor and real-life exposé. I laughed, I was awkward, and I was endeared all in one very intimate show.

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Kathy Schillinger
Review from Kathy Schillinger
0 events 1 review

Great show definitely for adults only ! Sense of humor needed !

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Review from FL
8 events 1 review

Hilarious at times. Raunchy. Sometimes tasteless.

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Review from L W
3 events 1 review

I can’t remember laughing so much at a show in a long time. If I ever get married, I want a loving relationship with my spouse like the one married comedians Naimah Hassan and Steve Epstein show is possible. Their love for one another conquers...continued

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Miyoung Kim
Review from Miyoung Kim
28 events 1 review

I love the show!! We did assignment. Very interactive with audiences and touched important issues such as racism, relationship, Humanism, religion, and most of all, the love.

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Pamela Coleman
Review from Pamela Coleman
3 events 1 review

Informal, intimate setting made this show a great experience. I also loved how it was interactive with the performers asking audience members questions. If you are embarrassed about relationships or sexuality, the show is not for you. I loved the...continued

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Tamara Coley
Review from Tamara Coley
1 event 1 review

Insightful, raw, passionate and interactive... feeding off the audience in an intimate setting. Engaging, delightful and hilarious experience!

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