1500328092 epstein and hassan   what you can and cannot say during interracial sex tickets
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Yanneth Arboleda
Review from Yanneth Arboleda
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It was a fun & informative experience...Lovely couple!

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Nicole Sahalon
Review from Nicole Sahalon
1 event 1 review

It was a very intimate space with 2 performers which were the actual married couple. It was entertaining and funny. They engaged the audience and even had free wine for everyone. The interaction with the audience was priceless.

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Katherine c
Review from Katherine c
6 events 1 review

It was funny. I laughed a lot through out the show.

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Kensworth Golding
Review from Kensworth Golding
2 events 1 review

It was refreshing to experience the openness and connections the two had together. Great experience!

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Geneva Ford
Review from Geneva Ford
2 events 1 review

Love explosion with honesty, laughter, just funny as heck!

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Rob Low
Review from Rob Low
3 events 1 review

Perfect date experience! Also BRING YOUR OWN BOTTLE a plus!! Funny as hell!

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Patricia Snee-Mack
Review from Patricia Snee-Mack
2 events 1 review

Play was funny and very thought provoking.

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Ashley Pugh
Review from Ashley Pugh
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Smart, funny, enlightening, and compassionate! Besides the great performance, I loved that it drew the most diverse crowd I have been experienced in New York, which is saying quite a bit! An audience of multiple generations, orientations, and...continued

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Review from Patte
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Such a fun night-my face was hurting from laughing so much!

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Jesus Alvarenga
Review from Jesus Alvarenga
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Super down to earth and very intimate with the small room. I would highly recommend if you are bringing your lady with you, it's hilarious or you could be like the one guy in the room that brought his mom. Mom was super uncomfortable. It's real...continued

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Dee Siracusa
Review from Dee Siracusa
5 events 1 review

Super entertaining, The actress and actor were superb. Each one gave a welcoming and open vibe. I am certainly pleased that I got to see this play. I will most certainly recommend it. It is performances like this that make one appreciate the...continued

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Jacqueline Williams
Review from Jacqueline Williams
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The show was hilarious, and very thought provoking. This isn't just a comedy, it's a show filled with important life lessons for everyone. Hassan and Epstein are two wonderful, honest people. I 'm definitely going back and bringing more people.

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Bonnie Klein
Review from Bonnie Klein
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This couple was really engaging and funny. The last 15 minutes dragged, and it felt like they lost their energy. There was also an off-putting reliance on stereotypes (this is what Puerto Rican/Dominican/Jewish/Italian men/women do or say in bed.)...continued

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Review from Nancy.Diva
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This show was extraordinarily funny. I am definitely going to see it a 2nd time!!

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Zughel Ortiz
Review from Zughel Ortiz
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This show speaks much more than just what you can and can not say during interracial sex . It speaks truths, compassion, loyalty and best of all unconditional love to everyone. The space is very small leaving the audience to be very involved with...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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This show was hilarious! Hassan and Epstein caught me off guard at times of the show and had everyone in the audience laughing their pants off. Interaction with the audience members towards the end of the show made it even more enjoyable. As long...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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Total must see. If you want something different , very raw. Dirty jokes from start to finish , very funny these two and one of a kind couple..definitely bring them church goers lol

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Ariel Roga
Review from Ariel Roga
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Totally irreverent and totally funny. Be prepared to be shocked and amused.

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David Thomas
Review from David Thomas
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We never got to see the show. We found out AT THE DOOR it's a 3 floor walk-up, and we can't make that. Would have been nice to know beforehand.

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