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Trevor Tevel
Review from Trevor Tevel
Red Velvet 23 events 14 reviews

This is really one of the best deals on Goldstar. You get to see breathtaking light displays, mansions, and yachts for a very affordable price. Best part is we avoided all the crowds that you would normally experience during the Christmas parade....continued

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Review from Musiclover
Red Velvet 43 events 3 reviews

Had a blast, they have a bar and snacks making it festive.Get there early to find parking, or have someone get there early and hold your place the boat leaves on time. Made for very romantic night. Dress Warm bring a beannie. There's a tip jar at...continued

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carmen paul
Review from carmen paul
208 events 163 reviews

I thought it was going to be a more beautiful experience. I thought there were going to be many more lights than I saw. Many were from far so it was difficult to appreciate them.

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Review from Christina
75 events 39 reviews

The week before they said it would rain - and tickets were "rain or shine". So, with umbrella in hand and all bundled up, off we went, prepared for the worst. We got the BEST - no rain and mild temperatures. The lights on the houses were beautiful...continued

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Annaliza Fran
Review from Annaliza Fran
31 events 14 reviews

The boat we were on had great decorations. We enjoyed the cruise, but I wish there was a little narration on the points of interest. A good amount of homes were decorated on the harbor. Just a heads up this may not be a good choice for those with...continued

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Sean Brown
Review from Sean Brown
20 events 11 reviews

This would have been enjoyable if there had not been a hoard of five kids ages about 6 to 8 allowed to run constantly around the boat, disrupting the experience, running into people, spilling other guests drinks and stepping on guests feet.

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Michelle Garay
Review from Michelle Garay
93 events 11 reviews

Went to the 8:30 tour. There were barely any houses decorated. Many of the lights were off. Maybe the earlier tours had more lights. Felt like maybe the tour was too late in the evening. Or should wait for another week.

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dianne steinkraus
Review from dianne steinkraus
23 events 8 reviews

This was a different way to see Christmas lights. Some homes were decorated to the max. The boat wasn't so crowded that you couldn't get in some great viewing. I tried to take pictures, but I needed a better camera.

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Kori Muniz-Jones
Review from Kori Muniz-Jones
34 events 8 reviews

We REALLY enjoyed this Christmas Harbor Cruise!!!
Didn't have very high expectations,
but we were pleasantly surprised.
They had Christmas music, decorations on the ship, and some yummy drink selections. This wasn't a stinky fishing boat. It was...continued

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Review from cory70
15 events 4 reviews

Very well done! Not sure how many more housed are decorated earlier in the season. The crew was friendly and ready to help.

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Kristen D.
Review from Kristen D.
30 events 2 reviews

Friendly staff, lots of seating, good holiday music, lots of lights to see. A very enjoyable boat ride.

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Catherine Freeman
Review from Catherine Freeman
7 events 2 reviews

If this would have been my first time, I would say it was truly wonderful; but because this wasn't my first time. The tour guide or the person that should have pointed or stated out land marks or more information on the homes, actually said...continued

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Marina Belei
Review from Marina Belei
6 events 2 reviews

This cruise was advertised to take 90 min but instead lasted 70min. Not that many lights .We found parking across the street.

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juan carlos
Review from juan carlos
5 events 1 review

All the lights were off on the houses
Kinda waste of money. It’s the first time but the last time I take my family here

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Harry Gegdzhyan
Review from Harry Gegdzhyan
1 event 1 review

Great trip, well organized

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Kristena Heard Szczesny
Review from Kristena Heard Szczesny
3 events 1 review

It was a great experience and just as I remembered it as a kid. It was a great introduction for my 4 year old.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
1 event 1 review

It was a relaxing cruise around Newport Harbor and we had wonderful views of the decorated homes and boats. The boat was comfortable, with some seating, though we chose to stand at the bow for the best views. Pleasant Christmas music played the...continued

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Jayne Jones
Review from Jayne Jones
3 events 1 review

It was Totally Amazing ? we( all 8 of us ) loved it !!! We wrapped up warm and it wasn’t really cold ! We sat outside all the time, we will be back again next year !! Thanks ?

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Jocelyn McLean
Review from Jocelyn McLean
1 event 1 review

Not as many houses were decorated as I expected. While it was a cool experience, I think I could have had a similar experience driving around neighborhoods looking at Christmas lights in the warmth of my car for free.

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Dennis D
Review from Dennis D
6 events 1 review

Only confusing part was where to pick up the tickets. With so many people around it was hard to see signs.

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