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Dianne Klein-Chavarria
Review from Dianne Klein-Chavarria
Red Velvet 110 events 52 reviews

It was a wonderful evening....the lights were fantastic on the boats and houses. i agree with someone else that rated this that it would have been nice to have a place to sit down like some of the other boats had, on the outside. but all in all...continued

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Yoli Jutson
Review from Yoli Jutson
Red Velvet 76 events 31 reviews

Great boat ride, we were able to see beautiful decorated boats and homes. The only thing we found anoying was the terrible radio station music that was played for 2 hours.

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Magda Richer
Review from Magda Richer
Red Velvet 75 events 27 reviews

It was beautiful, but it seemed that there was less participation of the boats and home decorations compared to what we have seen over the previous years. Must be due to the difficult economic situation most everyone is experiencing...continued

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Review from Laura
Red Velvet 196 events 17 reviews

I always like the Newport Beach Boat parade. I can't review the event on the parade itself, because this year we got a bit of rain, it was cold, and I think there were fewer boats than normal. However, come prepared for the cold, and you'll get...continued

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Alma Collins
Review from Alma Collins
Red Velvet 38 events 11 reviews

A fun date night thing to do for the holidays. It was a double date and we all enjoyed this event. The boats were beautifully decorated. Though a little chilly, still a great way to enjoy the boat show and each other. I highly recommend for a...continued

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Albert Watts
Review from Albert Watts
996 events 810 reviews

Actually became part of the parade itself. This may be the single most spectuclar event of it's kind in the entirely Southern California region from Dana Point to Santa Barbara.

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J Taylor
Review from J Taylor
77 events 49 reviews

This is the essence of the holiday spirit in Southern California. Some of the boats and houses were just glowing with lights. The boat we were on both joined the parade and pulled out of the parade for a while so we could view the other boats. ...continued

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gail lehrbass
Review from gail lehrbass
96 events 48 reviews

The boat trip was fun. It was mostly standing only so be prepared for that. We bundled up with coats and blankets so were comfortable. Parking was awful. We live 30 minutes away and gave ourselves one and a half hours. We barely made it.

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Review from nfw
103 events 47 reviews

Close viewing of seasonally decorated harborside homes and boats. Small boat with limited refreshments.

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Juan Carlos De Pablo
Review from Juan Carlos De Pablo
88 events 42 reviews

Beautiful we really enjoyed it, a must do for Christmas

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Review from Dolores
41 events 37 reviews

I've heard about this event for years, but thanks to Goldstar tickets, I finally decided to seize the opportunity. Glad I did, it was a beautiful Southern California evening...cool and brisk without being freezing cold. The houses that dot the...continued

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Review from adam
47 events 35 reviews

Magnificent boats of all shapes, colors, sounds, and sizes. The houses are cool too.

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Review from SMiley
60 events 34 reviews

This was my first time going and it started a tradition for myself and my family. I had a great time with my friend. In 2012 I went with my mom and gma. In 2013, I went with my mom, my gma, and my step father.

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Irene S.
Review from Irene S.
50 events 28 reviews

1.Had no idea where to park or know much it was going to cost....
2. Didn't know where to check in....
3. Boat left late and came back early.
4. There was an obnoxious group of kids who were drinking, were rowdy.
I got into an altercation...continued

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Suzanne Bee
Review from Suzanne Bee
51 events 28 reviews

The boats, the lights, the setting were fantastic. Our 6yr old visitor was ecstatic. The boat was small and intimate, which we liked. We brought sandwiches because we knew refreshments were minimal. Parking is very limited, the structure costs...continued

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Cheryl Scranton
Review from Cheryl Scranton
70 events 28 reviews

This was one of the greatest ways to bring the year to a close. There were so many awesomely decorated boats. It was a pleasure to witness how much time and energy the boat owners invest into their boats for this parade. I would recommend that...continued

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Fran Chrisman Tracy
Review from Fran Chrisman Tracy
107 events 27 reviews

we should have been told it was a FISHING boat! Very few seats and kinda stinky.

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OC Girlie Girl
Review from OC Girlie Girl
36 events 25 reviews

Let's start with the parking situation-we arrived early and went to the parking garage that was recommended for the event -at Newport Landing. We pulled into the driveway and waited...and waited....for nearly a half hour. During that time some...continued

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Donald Swick
Review from Donald Swick
44 events 25 reviews

The weather was beautiful and the ligts are amazing. THe boat and the facilities are very poor and I would not waste money next year buying this through Goldstar.
They cram too many people on each boat and there are not enough seating for more...continued

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Review from Catbird
89 events 23 reviews

Allowed close to 3 hours for what is normally a 1 hr drive to make our 5:30pm reservation. Called company when it appeared we might be a few minutes late; we were told we'd be put on a waiting list for the 7:15pm boat and would probably get on. We...continued

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