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Christopher Lance
Review from Christopher Lance
54 events 36 reviews

Great experience.

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Laurie Davis
Review from Laurie Davis
42 events 34 reviews

Nice boat ride only saw a few dolphins and a few seals no whales

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Review from Joan
64 events 23 reviews

Boat was there at the dock, but for some reason they didn't start loading until 3:30 p.m. when we were supposed to be leaving. So we left 10 -15 minutes late. Also difficult to hear the narrator from the outside deck. Otherwise a very...continued

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jennie rawson
Review from jennie rawson
62 events 18 reviews

A very nice time

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First Woman
Review from First Woman
61 events 18 reviews

The cruise itself was GREAT! Saw dozens of dolphins - very playful!! And 2 huge whales!

But... getting there was NOT half the fun!! We were not warned that we'd be in a LONG line to get on the ferry, and the whole "getting there" process was...continued

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Monica Maglasang Fitch
Review from Monica Maglasang Fitch
17 events 16 reviews

Be sure to arrive 30 min before. even if it's a hot day bring a windbreaker or hoodie. especially up front you'll get sprayed by the ocean water.We didn't see any whales but saw lots of dolphins.They were jumping out of the water and racing under...continued

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Marco Garay
Review from Marco Garay
97 events 15 reviews

It was an Awesome experience and we did have the opportunity to see on Cruise a couple of Whales and plenty of Dolphins. I would definitely do this cruise again!! Recommend it to fellow Goldstar members!!!!

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sonia padilla
Review from sonia padilla
36 events 15 reviews

Nice ride...relaxing but nothing to really see except sea lions, pelicans, seagulls and were lucky to see some dolphins. No whales :(

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Review from anifun
23 events 14 reviews

Wonderful 2 hour cruise out of Newport. Boat was late in leaving, but there was plenty of room for everyone onboard to enjoy the outing. And yes, we did see whales and a large pod of dolphins!

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Review from Jessica
16 events 12 reviews

BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We didn't see any WHALES....you cant even hear the person speak on the boat...just wasn't worth my time or my money.

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The Great Wallendo
Review from The Great Wallendo
24 events 10 reviews

What a wonderful morning we two adults and three boys (ages 7, 11, and 12) spent on Davey's Locker whale-watching boat, the Ocean Explorer! Over the course of 2 1/2 hours in beautiful weather, we saw several blue whales, a minke whale, and quite a...continued

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Lisa Camille Diggs
Review from Lisa Camille Diggs
20 events 8 reviews

It was very fun outing. I enjoyed seeing all the dolphins jump out of the ocean. It was really alot to see and the ocean was so beautiful. The crew on the boat was very nice and professional. I was happy that they were helpful and keep the...continued

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Justin K Aquino
Review from Justin K Aquino
32 events 8 reviews

Saw abour 5-6 whales and a ton of dolphins. Super fun!

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Review from Karen
14 events 8 reviews

We were very lucky. First we ran across a pod of dolphins estimated to be 2,000. It's always so fun watching them bow-riding along side the boat. Then we were delighted by a close encounter with a whale. It was a perfect day on the water, and the...continued

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Sharon Penland-Mace
Review from Sharon Penland-Mace
20 events 6 reviews

It was fun and exhilerating. I saw whales, dolphins, and seals. I saw a mother whale with her baby. Thrilling.

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Patty Zantos
Review from Patty Zantos
14 events 5 reviews

With relatives coming in from Chicago, I thought this would be fun to do. It was a gorgeous day. Our crew was friendly and helpful and the main speaker was very informative and engaging, telling us about the "young whale" we came upon. As we...continued

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Victoria Sneathen
Review from Victoria Sneathen
23 events 4 reviews

Been on a few whale watching trips with them and its always a great way to spend a few hours on my day off.. And if you don't see any whales or dolphins, they give you a free return visit!! Will be back several more times

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Review from sarkygirl1976
10 events 4 reviews

I've done this twice with Davy's Locker and you just can't beat it. Awesome!

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Kezia Hermanus
Review from Kezia Hermanus
8 events 4 reviews

it was awesome i went with my whole family and saw dolphins and whales..it was a good day

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Diana Taylor Irving
Review from Diana Taylor Irving
4 events 4 reviews

Once on the boat, it was a beautiful ride and I enjoyed being on the ocean. This particular whale watching tour is more of a "hit and miss" trip (the ship didn't really have any equipment to find whales, etc.)...we did see hammerhead shark, some...continued

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