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We had a great time! We were very lucky to see two Blue Whales and were close enough to get pictures of the whales. It was very exciting!

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Review from Milyani
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We went on the 2.5 hour long cruise at 10am. Perfect time of day to start your day in Newport Beach. They loaded us very efficiently and got us out to sea. Do not miss out on their half price galley for snacks and drinks . . . this happens...continued

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Review from hhterry2
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We went on 1-19-13 and had amazing weather. Not to hot, not to cold. Loved the 20 min happy hour as soon as we got on the boat. The staff was very friendly and we had an entertaining captain. We saw a baby grey whale very close up but he/she...continued

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Review from Run-Charlie
8 events 3 reviews

Casual atmosphere and good crew

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Review from Carol
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Great trip... Just be sure to ask if you are on the little or big boat. Big crowded-little is a fishing boat.
Limited seating.

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Review from j2mamasan
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The boat ride was delightful. Seagulls entertained us at the foot of the boat as we searched for the vanished whales. I was happy to have picked up a sandwich and water before boarding and used this down time to chat with other guests, finish my...continued

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The cruise itself was fine. However, the person who checked us in was rather surly and didn't give us any information (like where to go). The boat was crowded and didn't have seats for everyone. The captain seemed informative, but the PA system...continued

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Review from jamaicagal
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We saw several gray whales and the staff couldn't be nicer. I'd recommend this trip to anyone!

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Review from RJONESIRV
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We were initially concerned that we only took a boat ride, and then we came upon two Blue Whales. What a sight; the blue whale came right along side the boat. A ridiculous GOOD sighting. The naturalist on board added great details about these...continued

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Betsy Maerker
Review from Betsy Maerker
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Ahoy! We had a wonderful time sailing the ocean blue!

Even though we chose to sail in 'off season' for the grey whales, the captain worked hard to find dolphins - 1500 of them - for us to sail among, and sea lions lounging on the break wall...continued

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Kim Crowley Fleming
Review from Kim Crowley Fleming
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Amazing trip! Saw a rare bryde's whale! Staff is friendly! The boat is very nice!

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Review from Gregg
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Davey's Locker does not guarantee that when you go out to the ocean you'll see anything, but they really do try to have a successful trip for the passengers. Today, we were able to find a blue whale and follow it for a while seeing the breathing...continued

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Deb Webster-Loges
Review from Deb Webster-Loges
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I have been on this cruise before. The staff is very knowlegable and friendly. My only complaints were they had no seating on deck and the restroom was gross we told one of the crew members and was told at least someone didn't vomit and we can use...continued

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Nicole Mouchou Burns
Review from Nicole Mouchou Burns
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I was unable to attend the event due to absolutely no parking being available in Newport Beach on Sat. afternoon. We drove around for over 1/2 hour looking for a spot but never found one. I was really disappointed that I couldn't go.

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Gina Richardson
Review from Gina Richardson
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It was a perfect day for whale watching. We saw multiple blue whales. My daughter and I had a great time.

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Review from rhondalavon
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It was great!!!

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It was so much fun watching the families of dolphins swimming almost adjacent to our boat! You could see them right by us!

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Review from Kelly
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My kids &I had fun. We didn't see any whalrs though but lots of dolphins. Crew was friendly & the Captain was informative. Arrive early because parking is hard to find.

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Michael Zoeller
Review from Michael Zoeller
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Staff is very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. I got to see about 50 dolphins, and 2 amazing blue whales. I felt like I was on a National Geographic adventure. I drove up from San Diego and it was definitely worth the trip.

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Deb Webster-Loges
Review from Deb Webster-Loges
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Went for a cruise in the ocean saw a pod of about 1000 Dolphins. Yes a thousand!

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