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Albert Rowuin
Review from Albert Rowuin
Red Velvet 697 events 561 reviews

No whales spotted on our Labor Day mid afternoon trip, but some had been spotted in the recent days according to sign they had out front, but we did encounter a very entertaining school of dolphin, some of which were swimming right next to the...continued

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Albert Rowuin
Review from Albert Rowuin
Red Velvet 697 events 561 reviews

This was another enjoyable trip. Similar to past ones it was relaxing being out at the sea listening to Bob Marley music and taking in the fresh air. As a bonus we spotted a couple whales and got some good pictures of the flukes, thanks to the...continued

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Gardnar O'Brien
Review from Gardnar O'Brien
Red Velvet 40 events 19 reviews

My daughter and I enyoyed the outing. It took a while to go out from shore but we saw a Humpback whale. It remained near the ship for about half an hour to forty five minutes: breaching, diving with it's tail going up, lying near the surface and...continued

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John McNally
Review from John McNally
Red Velvet 133 events 12 reviews

Really cool event. Literally hundreds of Dolphins! We did see two whales, but they are very shy and did not surface often. The weather was perfect; all in all a fabulous event!

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Elaine K
Review from Elaine K
Red Velvet 29 events 10 reviews

Very pleasant afternoon for our family including 6 and 8 year old boys. Staff was accommadating. Location of harbor was fun for the boys with the arcade, ferris wheel and trampoline.

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Jessica Koslow
Review from Jessica Koslow
Red Velvet 154 events 6 reviews

We saw two whales (three different times) and another one once from far away, tons of dolphins and a few sea lions. We got really lucky!

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Mark Johnson
Review from Mark Johnson
220 events 116 reviews

It was a great trip. We saw numerous dolphins and the coast was beautiful.

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Review from Kathy
94 events 52 reviews

Had a fun time, did not see any whales but that is the chance you take. Saw many dolphins and the kids (and they were kids) that took the boat out were very good about finding them and allowing us to spend time with them. The kids were very...continued

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Review from GomezJames
160 events 47 reviews

It was a lot of fun. Didn't see a whale this time, but got some great dolphin photos.

Check-in process could have been a little smoother. the 9am cruise didn't actually depart until 9:30ish. But other than that, it was fun!

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Review from Suzz
53 events 42 reviews

We had a gorgeous day (Sat 3/28) and the ocean was just splendid. We did not see whales but spotted quite a few dolphins. The outing in itself was such a pleasure that it didn't matter. It's a great family event but not for smaller children since...continued

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Tony Lewis
Review from Tony Lewis
47 events 41 reviews

Wonderful crew and boat!

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Christopher Lance
Review from Christopher Lance
54 events 36 reviews

Always a great time

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Review from Denn&Sonya
40 events 28 reviews

My family and I had the BEST experience. Very nice little boat and crew.
We got to see a BLUE WHALE and had a pretty amazing experience!

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Darcie Gore
Review from Darcie Gore
51 events 25 reviews

Crew professional; the boat was comfortable and clean. They offered drinks and snacks for sale onboard. We happened to see three different kinds of dolphins - which the capt. said was rare. We did not see whales and that is the only thing...continued

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Review from Joan
64 events 23 reviews

We went on the boat and the captain made a concerted effort to find whales, and he did. We saw dolphins as well as 4 whales.

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Tami Weiser
Review from Tami Weiser
30 events 20 reviews

We were fortunate enough to see two different pods of Whales. We got some great pictures. Highly recommended.

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John A.
Review from John A.
55 events 18 reviews

Easy on and off boarding and the boat is in pretty good shape. A lot of the tour just depends on what animals you see and thats up to Mother Nature not the boat company. We did see Grey Whales, dolphins, and sea lions on our trip.

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Review from GENE
31 events 18 reviews

Great experience for us, our children and grandchild. Courteous, efficient and knowledgeable crew. Saw whales and more than 100 dolphins, sea birds and seals in one location enjoying a feeding frenzy. Would highly recommend for families.

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Janet Hiemstra
Review from Janet Hiemstra
27 events 18 reviews

Perfect, took my 11yr old granddaughter and we saw 3 or more blue whales, one up close. Saw dolphens and sea lion, pellican. She had the time of her life. Great trip, very nice crew. Fun day.. She wants to go again next year.

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John A.
Review from John A.
55 events 18 reviews

We didn't see any whales but saw HUNDREDS of dolphins. Sea lions and great waves also rounded out the tour. The staff is friendly and informative. A very nice cruise out and back.

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