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The boat ride was overall good and we got to see many dolphins and sea lions although not a single whale :( When you check in you will be asked if you want to rent some binoculars ($8), but they are really not necessary. Unless you have the extra...continued

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Jennifer Ferralez
Review from Jennifer Ferralez
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The cruise was great...It was a gorgeous day and we managed to see two whales near Dana Point. As a result, our cruise went over about 35 minutes, so while we enjoyed the cruise, I'm not so sure the next passengers were as pleased with our late...continued

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Review from Julie
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The ride was great, we saw a whale and had lots of fun. The only problem is finding parking in the area, we almost missed the boat.

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The speaker system on the boat was very poor. It was standing room only, and my wife has to walk with a cane, and had to stand for all of the 2 hour trip. There was very little shade, and will not take this trip again. We did see Dolphins, but...continued

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This was a great trip and well worth the money! We saw 2 Blue Whales (mom and baby), Sunfish, Dolphin and Seals. The Captain and crew were just as excited as the passengers- made for a great experience.

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Review from Iliketogo
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This was a fabulous outing. We went with two visitors from Europe who had never seen a whale. Even tho it was a bit foggy at first, we were lucky enough to see 4 Fin whales (the second largest) - up close and personal. Interestingly there is a...continued

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This was a super whale watching experience! I have been to Maui many times to whale watch but now I know somewhere I can do the same and not have to spend alot to enjoy it!

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This was a fun excursion and just the right amount of time. The staff was knowledgeable and knew where to look for marine life and we actually saw whales! I heard the other side of the boat saw dolphins too and we did get to see sea lions up...continued

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Penny Hayes
Review from Penny Hayes
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This was the best whale watching experience I've had. We saw around 5 to 7 whales with one swimming right under the boat, and then we saw a pod of dolphins swimming right next to us. The crew was professional and fun and the boat was well...continued

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Michele Curran
Review from Michele Curran
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Tickets are half the regular price so it's basically a two for one deal. The boat had a lower glass enclosed deck and an upper deck that's more open. We thought the upper deck would be the best place for viewing, but discovered the lower deck at...continued

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Review from Bonnie
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We did not see any whales but we did see alot of dolpin and seal lions. It was hard to find a parking space. The water was nice and calm. Even though we did not see whales we did enjoy ourselves. It was a nice day on the water. They did give...continued

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pk le
Review from pk le
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We did see a lot of dolphins and sea lions. I had two kids with me and they both loved it even the boat ride. Perfect weather and very fun!

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Christine F.
Review from Christine F.
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We didn't get to see any whales but we went through a pod of about 500 dolphins that was amazing! Learned a lot about dolphins & sea lions. There was a galley on the boat. Cold drinks, chips, hot dogs, cookies, etc are sold there. A little...continued

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Review from Craig
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We expected a nice boat ride and a chance to get out of the heat. We didn't expect to see five or six whales and learn all sorts of great stuff from the very knowledgeable captain and crew. Very nice time and highly recommended.

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Review from mariev1214
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We had a great time! The Ocean Explorer was very clean and they knew exactly where to go. I was hoping to see a blue whale but we ended up following a minke whale. The dolphins are also worth the trip. They swam along side the boat! Awesome! ...continued

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Honor Heart
Review from Honor Heart
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We had a great time. Saw 3 blue whales and lots of dolphins. I was impressed with the quality of the people running the boat. They were young men who were very entertaining and knew how to keep the cruise participants engaged while directing where...continued

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Review from Susan
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We had a great adventure on the cruise. We saw several blue whales, and were able to watch a science team that happened to be there observing the whales too. On the way back a passenger asked the captain if we could see dolphins. Sure enough he...continued

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Robert Merchant
Review from Robert Merchant
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We had a very nice time with our grandkids (4 & 7 years old). We saw two Fin Whales and many Bottlenose dolphin. We all enjoyed it very much. It's a great way to spend a couple of hours of fun with the kids. We will be going again when our...continued

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Nancy Norlander
Review from Nancy Norlander
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We invited out of town family to join us on this cruise. Needless to say, we were disappointed that the weather was so foggy that we could not see any whales or dolphins. But, of, course we realize that God has control over the weather, not the...continued

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Review from Debra
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We liked the event. No Whales to be found today but we did see lots of dolphins and we also saw some sea lions. Easy to get to. We were early because of past reviews I have read. Bring cash because the bagel place right by Davey's Locker only...continued

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