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Review from DCAMPBELL
18 events 11 reviews

It was fun being out on the water, I did see one whale. and lots of Dolphins..a great group of people was on the boat, it made the trip special.bundle up..it was cold as expected, it did not rain..a good day on Balboa Island..

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R. Bailey
Review from R. Bailey
26 events 11 reviews

Small ship, knowledgeable crew. Great experience. Parking available up the street at the public lot; $1.50/hour.

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Review from mckeagash
15 events 11 reviews

The staff was incredibly friendly and communicated what we were expected to see and do while on the boat. While we did not find any whales, we enjoyed the dolphins we came upon. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

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Sandy Dingman
Review from Sandy Dingman
46 events 11 reviews

this was great

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Review from Jan
12 events 10 reviews

It was a beautiful day with sun shining. The boat was nice. The only problem was no whales!!! We did see a school of dolphins who frolicked around for quite a while, but that was our only excitment. You can't blame the boat...the whales were...continued

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Nino Angelo
Review from Nino Angelo
12 events 10 reviews

Now this was a great time!! We didn't see any whales this time around but got numerous pictures of what must have been a school of 50-100 dolphins racing the boat. They jumped and raced the boat and stayed right at the edge so you could just look...continued

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Review from W
34 events 10 reviews

Tempted to give 4 stars...more like 3.5

The crew was very nice and friendly...trying to follow some whales. Unfortunately, by law (not their fault), they had to keep a distance so it's really hard to see much w/o binoculars. If you don't mind...continued

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Dorothy Thomas
Review from Dorothy Thomas
12 events 10 reviews


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Review from casinobob
22 events 9 reviews

A nice 2 1/2 hour boat ride. We were lucky to see a bunch of dolphins and some sea lions.

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David Abella
Review from David Abella
24 events 9 reviews

Cool to go out on the water. Unfortunately the weather was not great so you can't fault them for it. It was colder than usual and with the overcast it got dark fast. Give them credit they tried hard to find us something to look at. All else fails...continued

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Review from CircesApple
20 events 9 reviews

It was great! We saw a blue whale, a pod of common dolphins and sea lions. The crew was very polite and the ship sailed on time. They had lots of useful knowledge of the sealife. Bring sunscreen before you go. We had to purchase it and it was...continued

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Kelly Hughes
Review from Kelly Hughes
27 events 9 reviews

We had a fantastic time! Every crew memeber went way out of their way to be sure we all had a great day! The boat waa clean and there was plenty of room. We saw 3 pod's of dophin, one must have been over 1,000 common dolphin, then we saw...continued

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Burt Pronin
Review from Burt Pronin
33 events 9 reviews

We took our 13-yo grandson out for whale watching. Couldn't find any whales, but we did see a good number of dolphins and of course the seals all over the one buoy..beautiful, sunny, somewhat crisp day out on the water. Captain was very helpful,...continued

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Review from Bri9920
64 events 8 reviews

First of all I want to say that we did see a lot of dolphins and see a couple of blue whales. That was cool. The boat they put us was the Western Pride. It was pretty small, with very few places to sit down. Most people had to stand for the...continued

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Kim Rodriguez
Review from Kim Rodriguez
25 events 8 reviews

I attended this event with my daughter and two grandsons. We had a great day. The weather was perfect and it was a very enjoyable afternoon. We saw two whales and a large school of dolphins swam next to the boat for a long period of time. We...continued

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Review from cauchemar
15 events 8 reviews

Newport Beach is beautiful. I'd never seen it before. It's worthwhile to take a cruise just to be on the water there.

I've been whale watching before and been disappointed and unlucky to not wee anything, so I set my expectations low. We saw...continued

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dave doane
Review from dave doane
19 events 8 reviews

Our party of four all enjoyed the trip. Boat was clean and comfortable, crew and captain great (knowledgeable and helpful)and the price was right! We saw three species of Dolphins; one rather rare in these parts, but no whales....but hey! that's...continued

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Sharon Gruber Pulham
Review from Sharon Gruber Pulham
62 events 8 reviews

Saw a blue whale, a gray whale and dolphins and sea lions..well worth it! The crew was helpful and informative....

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Suzanne Grady
Review from Suzanne Grady
22 events 7 reviews

It was a beautiful, sunny day. We saw dolphins, even baby dolphins jumping with their mommys. We saw 2 blue whales, watched them for about half an hour. It was great. The boat docks in the Fun Zone in Balboa, to there was lots to do before and...continued

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Tom Ochs
Review from Tom Ochs
34 events 7 reviews

it was a great time, saw dolphins. seals and a baby blue with momma...loved it!

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