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Richard Chang
Review from Richard Chang
27 events 7 reviews

It's like what others have said. If you enjoy just being out on the sea and under the sun, it's a no brainer to get on a boat and look for wild life :) If that doesn't energize you, then this probably isn't for you. By the way, I rate it four...continued

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Review from vic
14 events 7 reviews

Parking is hard to find but other than that the event was great. Saw dolphins, seals and cited a couple of whales.

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Mike Bobbitt
Review from Mike Bobbitt
22 events 7 reviews
Ira Robinson
Review from Ira Robinson
14 events 7 reviews

This was an afternoon whale watching cruise from Davey's Locker in Newport Beach. The weather was perfect and the ocean was calm.

We went out into the ocean a few miles on a mid-sized boat, had a very knowledgeable and able captain/guide who...continued

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Maureen bunnell
Review from Maureen bunnell
28 events 7 reviews

This was a truly wonderful experience!Very courteous staff.A comfortable vessel with plenty of room and shade if you needed it.Even though we didn't get to see blue whales we were rewarded in seeing a pod of common-nosed dolphin.Our...continued

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Review from Anna
23 events 7 reviews

This was very cool. It was a a warm sunny day (a little windy on the boat), but perfect none-the-less. We saw two whales and several Dolphins. It was fin. The whole thing lasted for almost three hours. The view of the Coast was amazing. We took...continued

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Review from Phoenix
20 events 7 reviews

We were hoping to see a whale but understood we may not see one. When we saw one it made the trip perfect. Even if we didnt see a whale it was a nice couple hours out in the ocean. If you don't see a whale on your trip they will give you a coupon...continued

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Beverly L. Ritz
Review from Beverly L. Ritz
8 events 7 reviews

What a great family outing this was. We saw at least 3 blue whales, a couple of pods of dolphins, sea lions and tons of jelly fish! The crew was terrific and I really enjoyed the commentary on what we were seeing. The only bad thing about this...continued

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Review from Ali
26 events 6 reviews

Beautiful weather, nice boat and crew. The captain was great and knew everything there was to know about dolphins and whales. It was an amazing experience we saw at least 5 blue whales, and a ton of dolphins!

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Kristen P
Review from Kristen P
8 events 6 reviews

Captain was great about narrating and very conscientious about searching for good spots to see dophins and whales. Condition of the boat was good. Parking was a HUGE issue. Davey's Locker pointed us to metered parking which wasn't a problem....continued

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Caroline L
Review from Caroline L
18 events 6 reviews

Fun day for all & a beautiful Mother's Day!! This was our second time going on the Whale & Dolphin Cruise. Before we even made it out of the channel we saw several dolphins and right before leaving the channel I spotted a whale (before the crew)....continued

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Anne B
Review from Anne B
9 events 6 reviews

Great boat ride. We saw many dolphins up close. Also we saw sea lions up close. Unfortunately no whales today but the crew handed out passes for 1/2 off our next ride which is a very nice gesture. The crew on the boat were wonderful. One man...continued

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Review from JanetRG
21 events 6 reviews

It was a great experience and baby/kid friendly. We saw a pleather of Dolphins but no Whales. Overall we still enjoyed the experience and would definitely do it again!

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Karina Becerra Rodriguez
Review from Karina Becerra Rodriguez
12 events 6 reviews

It was fun, the kids enjoyed it and it was well worth it

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Review from pratttina12
22 events 6 reviews

The boat left right on time at 3:00 and the weather was perfect. The blue whales are now gone, but there were a lot of dolphins playing around the boat. If you attend during the summer (even on a weekday) be aware that parking is a nightmare. We...continued

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Jessica Villalba
Review from Jessica Villalba
14 events 6 reviews

Very nice day and we got to see 1 blue whale which was an incredible experience. The captain got us so close and she swan right next to us! We saw a few dolphins and some sea lions. The boat was clean and the snacks were reasonably priced. Would...continued

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Kimber L.
Review from Kimber L.
9 events 6 reviews

We had a WONDERFUL time! We saw Blue Whales, Dolphins, and California Sea Lions!! Not to mention a beautiful sunset and a beautiful harbor. The Blue Whale was about 100 yards from us!! It came up 3 or 4 times, blowing its spout every time and...continued

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Review from Steve
17 events 6 reviews

We liked the trip even though the boat was late leaving and early coming back to the dock.
We felt like we could have stayed out longer. We did see dolphins and Fin whales. That part was terrific. The captain mentioned Baleen whales were sighted...continued

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Mary Ann Orlow
Review from Mary Ann Orlow
9 events 6 reviews

We were extremely disappointed in the boat we were put on (Thunderbird) as it was very old and had no seating except in the cabin with only a couple of booth tables. The other two boats that went out were new and had seating all around the edge...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
6 events 5 reviews

Although the boat was late picking us up, the whale watching cruise was great. We actually saw a mother whale and her baby. They came close to the boat for everyone to see. We also saw sealions relaxing in the sun along with a school of...continued

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