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Review from AJX
11 events 5 reviews

Did not see much at all on the date that I attended (Mid September), but I guess that's just the luck of the draw with these type of excursions. We did, however, received a discount coupon for a return trip in the future... so I may return for a...continued

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Review from LauraJaffee
14 events 5 reviews

Great experience for my 6 year son and I. We didn't see whales, but lots of dolphins!! Was given a discount to come back another time and see the whales. Parking was conveinent and the departure was on time!!

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Elizabeth Bienko
Review from Elizabeth Bienko
9 events 5 reviews

Great weather and very relaxed environment. Off to a late start, but was fine once the team got rolling. No real food on board, so I would suggest bringing a lunch, something to drink. Sitting in the back was great to avoid the wind and catch...continued

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Review from Ana
16 events 5 reviews

It is the third time I go on this cruise and do not see any whales. Disappointing.

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Charlotte Lord
Review from Charlotte Lord
7 events 5 reviews

It was a fun and relaxing experience on the boat for about 2 1/2 hours. I loved every minute. No whales, but lots of dolphins and seals. Thank you for the great time.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
6 events 5 reviews

It was fun. We had family visiting from out of state. We're planning to go again with another group of family members coming to visit.

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Review from Kira
8 events 5 reviews

Parking is a HUGE hassle. We missed our first boat because of it. Otherwise it was a really great experience! The captain of the boat was very knowledgable and tried several times to get us a close view of the whales. There's a snack bar on...continued

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pamela anspach-colletti
Review from pamela anspach-colletti
16 events 5 reviews

perfect weather and impressive for our NY relatives visiting during February.

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Paula Miller
Review from Paula Miller
15 events 5 reviews

Really fun!!!! We were in the middle of hundreds of dolphins, they like to swim next to the bow, I would go back anytime!!! Even though it was a nice day on shore, out on the water when the boat is moving fast it got very cold!!!! Bring jacket if...continued

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Michael Groover
Review from Michael Groover
14 events 5 reviews

SUCH a fun event!! We didn't see any whales, but they gave us half off of our next trip because of it! So fun, definitely worth it!!!

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Love to Laugh
Review from Love to Laugh
50 events 5 reviews

Thank you, GS members, for alerting me to the parking situation. I didn't use the expensive structure, but did use the $8 lot across the street. I was able to stay there all day as I hung around Newport Beach for the day. The weather was...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
10 events 5 reviews

The weather was beautiful, the crew was pleasant and courteous, and the boat was clean......those were our initial impressions. It got even better once we were out at sea as we found ourselves in the midst of a school of dolphins, followed by...continued

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Mrs. P
Review from Mrs. P
12 events 5 reviews

This one takes you out on the smaller boat than the sunset cruise, and there's no live band, but still good times. Bring along snacks and drinks, or you can buy them on board. We had a birthday party on the boat, got pirate hats for everyone to...continued

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Review from casey
10 events 5 reviews

Very nice day out on the water. We did see one whale and tons of dolphins.

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Jill Grieve Thompson
Review from Jill Grieve Thompson
9 events 5 reviews

We did see a lot of dolphins. No whales. It seems like the boat captain does know where the dolphins hang out because there were a lot of the California dolphins in one area, and it also seemed like they were feeding bait from beneath the boat to...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
12 events 5 reviews

We didn't see any whales which is the main reason for going. Did see a school of dolphins which was still cool. Seems the demand during the holiday weekend was big because we ended up on a fishing boat and not the regular passenger cruise boat. ...continued

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Review from ramon
8 events 5 reviews

we have no good luck

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Review from Carolyn
5 events 4 reviews

A great day. The boat and crew were nice. We saw tons of dolphins and some sea lions...no whales. It was a fun ocean experience for me and my children (5, 4, 2.5 and 4 months.)

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Review from Kuhlbreee24
9 events 4 reviews

Didn't see whales that day, but had a great, relaxing afternoon. Would allow more time to find parking. We were forewarned, but still had trouble finding a spot.

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Review from Valerie
19 events 4 reviews

Fantastic! We were really lucky to see several whales just hanging out and playing. There was this mama whale with her baby whale. It was definitely a great experience.

I had made arrangements for 1pm boat, but couldn't make it on time due to...continued

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